The 10 best tips for garden design in a rustic country cottage

City life is very stressful, and long-term can not be close to nature. So natural, relaxing country garden style villa garden design style more and more by the owners of the villa garden welcome. Not only can we meet the life in the city "retreat to the countryside" wish, its natural, interesting atmosphere of the landscape is extremely popular. Today, CSHEBAO will be through 10 very good countryside idyllic villa garden design cases, one by one for you to explain the countryside Tips and tricks on garden design for idyllic cottage gardens.
The 10 best tips for garden design in a rustic country cottage

 1: Adding color to the front yard of a cottage garden

This desolate front yard was transformed into a striking rustic cottage garden in the hands of a Minnesota couple. This beautiful patch of flowers uses perennials, annuals and bulbs in place of dull, conventional shrubs. Pink fuchsias and purple veronica are accented by yellow and white goldenseal and purple petunias, creating a A vibrant and cheerful way to mix colors, a white fence adds even more charm.

Rustic cottage garden design tip: Plant old-fashioned flowers in front of a white picket fence and you'll get a whole new landscape.

 2. Recycle and reuse some items

Every rustic idyllic cottage garden design needs a focal point - this cabin shed for Kansas Mid-Hill Perennial Flowers The park provides the perfect focal point. You can try building your own tiny house from reclaimed windows and wood collected over the years. Flowers that dangle from the rain gutters of the tiny house bring more color to the blue and green frontage.
Rustic Idyllic Cottage Garden Design Tip: Try an easy-to-build garden tool shed to match the style of the entire building and cottage garden landscape.

 3. Growing native plants

Clever use of native plants was a key factor in the design success of this stunning Oregon cottage garden. Located in an area with low rainfall, alkaline soils and extreme temperatures, the Zone 5 garden features hardy, drought-tolerant perennials native to the the area or an area with a similar climate. Here, sage and roses add a splash of color to a corner of the garden.

Rustic Idyllic Cottage Garden Design Tip: Use as many native plants as possible to create a beautiful, low-maintenance cottage garden.

 4、Add some interesting landscape elements

This small front garden in Minnesota welcomes visitors with a successful mix of container plants and overflow beds. We were charmed by the antique goat cart, which is both a striking focal point and a unique planting bed for petunias and yellow gerbera daisies! . Next to the carriage, hyacinths behind a rusty iron fence add a splendid touch to the cottage garden.
Rustic idyllic cottage garden design tip: Create this landscape atmosphere with a very interesting atmosphere by pairing antique garden accessories with a mottled iron fence or fence (or even an old metal headboard on an old bed).

 5: Design eye-catching highlights for your cottage garden

This rustic and idyllic cottage is the highlight of the entire cottage garden. Surrounded by a manicured landscaped garden that perfectly complements this beautiful and lovely cottage. The antique doors and the classic way the roof is designed all make this cottage very eye-catching. It is also a very practical place where you can use it as a meeting place, plant some delicate flowers and plants or even as a A tool shed to practical.

Rustic villa garden design tips: generally in the junk or second-hand furniture market you can find these antique treasures, the proper use of them can enhance the age of your villa garden.

 6. The Romantic Touch

Pink vine roses and geraniums create a romantic and lovely scene as well as a tranquil outdoor space. An old garage converted into a flower room, the outdoor seating area is secluded, while a stone path adds life to the outdoor space.

Rustic Country Style Cottage Garden Design Tip: A soft pink is the perfect color to create a relaxing and romantic retreat.

 7. Preservation of historical elements

This Ohio rustic cottage garden retains and makes clever use of old architectural elements from the past, which has left us with a profound Image. A new flower garden and tree branch structure blends seamlessly with the old and new elements of the 19th century farmhouse and the original annexe. Vines combine antique accessories and potted plants on the side of the garage - creatively transforming everyday objects into works of art.
Rustic Country Cottage Garden Design Tip: Almost anything can be, if your mindful design utilizes a few common elements! Become garden art. You can use some old shovels, sprinklers, or even particularly nice stones and driftwood to decorate your cottage garden.

 8、Garden shed renovation

Sometimes beauty is hidden - just waiting for a brave gardener to reveal it. We love how this once dilapidated shed was transformed into a charming focal point of a New York garden. Adorned with practical, rustic gardening tools, and accented by lush cucumber vines, petunias, tawny sweet potato vines, and brocade basil And so around, making him very much a home living atmosphere.
Rustic Cottage Garden Design Tip: Decorate by displaying old and new tools on the exterior of the shed. Old tools will give you a unique, rustic look.

 9、Creating creative landscapes with everyday discarded objects

When everyday household items are presented in a novel way, they always become a striking highlight. Like in this rustic garden design example of a rustic villa, the classical style lotus head becomes a unique fountain in a small pool in the villa's backyard. The koi pond, made of pebbles, is natural and interesting and adds the soothing sound of water to the backyard landscape. Siberian irises, water lilies, ferns and grasses provide lush greenery and add to the overall landscape ambiance. Pleasant.
Rustic Idyllic Cottage Garden Design Tip: If you can't build a pond in your cottage garden, you can create a small water feature in an old bucket or any other waterproof container.

10: Build a secluded oasis away from the hustle and bustle of the world

This cottage garden feels like it's really in the country, but it's actually a small country in Oregon! Idyllic Cottage Garden. Surrounded by high wooden fences and luxuriant grass and trees, with a comfortable seating area under a white gazebo, the garden of this cottage is set throughout Just a beautiful secluded oasis. The villa's garden has all sorts of old ornaments, including watering cans, birdhouses and window frames, all of which undoubtedly add to the garden's beauty. Rustic Charm.
Rustic villa garden design tips: in your villa garden around the planting of dense and luxuriant plants, can make the whole garden with a sense of enclosure, not only for villa garden provides privacy, also can appear to garden larger, richer some.

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