How to create a low-maintenance private cottage garden

Gardening work is fun but very time consuming. If you don't want to spend most of your time gardening, then quickly find out how to create a low-maintenance Private House Garden Bar. Just follow our step by step instructions and from then on you can enjoy garden life with ease.
How to create a low-maintenance private cottage garden

  •  The golden rule for keeping villa gardens low maintenance

1. if you specifically want a really low-maintenance cottage garden, there is a simple and radical way to do it - get rid of the plants. Even if you can't get rid of all the plants, your cottage garden maintenance costs will be much lower.

2.Most people probably don't want a cottage garden with no plants at all, but if you only grow one or two types of plants. It will also greatly help you reduce your maintenance costs.

Eliminate the lawn. Lawn needs regular mowing and maintenance, so replace it with gravel or preserved wood flooring. Read more: How to pave a cottage garden with gravel

If you are not willing to give up your lawn, at least make it a very simple shape. A rectangular lawn can be mowed in a few minutes, while an irregularly shaped lawn will take more of your time. Read more: Lawn Maintenance

5. set up an outdoor tool shed or at least have your gardening tools separated so you can be more efficient! of carrying out the necessary gardening work. Learn more: diy make a garden tool cleaning station

6. if you have plants, they will most likely need watering. Set up taps outside your cottage garden so that you can easily connect a watering hose. Of course, if you're willing to commit to it, it's best to follow an automatic watering system that really does everything for you!

7. most importantly, make sure you have a very comfortable outdoor recreation area. Private gardens are meant to serve people and to make us better able to enjoy a high quality of life, so you should never put the cart before the horse.
How to create a low-maintenance private cottage garden

  • Planting plans for a low-maintenance cottage garden

If you particularly want to have a lot of plants in your villa garden, but want to keep it low maintenance, you need to avoid annuals or More delicate plants, and do not plant vegetables or sow seeds.

2. avoid plants that need to be staked, like freesias that will add to your gardening workload.

3. avoid plants that will entice small animals to steal food.

4. don't plant vines or climbing plants, they bring a surprising workload. Creepers are vigorous and grow wild.

5. so what's left? Shrubs, preferably evergreen, such as boxwood, lavender, holly and dahlias.
How to create a low-maintenance private cottage garden

  • III. Seasonal variations and affordable renewal

1. The perfect solution regarding plants is to use potted plants, which you can bring home straight from the flower shop and place in the In the garden - get the job done. Very easy if you die that day or want a change of style.

2. In addition, regarding the lawn, you can also use a fake lawn instead of a real lawn, which not only reduces the maintenance costs and renovation costs will be more! low, although the results may be less than ideal.

3. arches, outdoor trellises and latticework are very easy to install and not necessarily very expensive. They provide a very visible landscaping effect and are not very expensive to maintain.

  • Fourth, hardscape can help you reduce maintenance work

1. a thick layer of gravel, stone or crushed stone chips will help suppress weeds and make everything look more eye-catching.

2. the more hardscape there is in a cottage garden, the easier it will be to maintain.

3. However, there is a rule of thumb for cottage patio paving - the "harder" the landscaping, the easier it is to maintain. Therefore, stone pavers are easier to maintain than gravel pavers, but stone is more expensive. Rustproof wooden floors require regular cleaning, gravel needs to be kept in place and sloped, and stone requires little maintenance.

4. whether you are setting up a fence or buying outdoor furniture, choose hardwoods over softwoods, which will require more maintenance.

  • V. Some small traps that are easy to overlook

1. if your fence, decking or outdoor trellis is painted, then you will have to refresh and maintain it regularly. As long as the natural color is maintained, your maintenance will be much less;.

2. removing perennial weeds is a huge source of gardening work in cottage gardens - they can't seem to get rid of them. Weeds must be uprooted rather than just the heads removed.

3. water features are lovely, but its a bit pet-like - you need to keep them clean regularly. Do not have a water feature in a low maintenance cottage garden unless you really, really want one.

4. private villa gardens can be a real source of joy, they are not a burden on our lives. So before you design a villa garden, consider how much time and energy you are willing to invest in garden maintenance in the future! .

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