Dozens of Recommended Trees for the Cottage Patio

Many homeowners who are planning to design and decorate their villa gardens are confused about what trees to plant in their gardens. In order to answer this question, we should first check which trees are suitable to be planted in the villa garden.
Then, depending on the climate and environment of the area where your villa courtyard is located, the style of the landscape, the lighting and your budget, etc. Determine what trees to plant in your cottage yard. In short, every cottage yard is different and so is the species of tree suitable for its planting. Well now let's get to the point, let's find the answer to the question of what kind of tree to plant in your cottage yard.

Dozens of Recommended Trees for the Cottage Patio
Trees suitable for villa gardens should not only have a good plant landscape effect, but also have some shade function. And what kind of tree to plant in villa courtyard should also be considered from the various aesthetic characteristics of the tree, such as tree shape, branch color, leaf shape, and shade. Leaf color, flower shape, inflorescence, fragrance, fruit shape, fruit color, fragrance, etc.

1、Trees suitable for villa courtyard- Shade tree. As the name suggests, the main role of the shade tree is to shade our villa yard from the sun, produce shade and create a landscape.

The tree used for shade tree species to consider its shape, crown shape, and more selection of larger, dense branches and leaves of the tree, such as the bluebell, Paulownia We also need to consider flower and fruit trees, such as peach trees, apricot trees, hawthorn trees, white magnolia trees, rowan trees and so on. At the same time, should also consider the view of flowers, fruit species, such as peach, apricot, hawthorn, white magnolia, begonia and so on. In the villa courtyard, shade trees accounted for a large proportion of the optional species are also many, as long as the planting design configuration is reasonable, the It can be very useful. Since evergreens provide shade in winter, they should not be used too often in locations close to homes.
Dozens of Recommended Trees for the Cottage Patio
2, suitable for planting in the villa garden tree - ornamental trees.

Ornamental trees are widely used, there are many ornamental trees to choose from. If planted as a solitary ornamental, generally choose a tall, full crown of trees, such as towers, oval, spherical, etc.. In northern regions, ornamental or solitary trees are usually evergreen conifers such as cedar or white pine, but deciduous species are also used, Such as bluebells, paulownia, Yuanbao maple, luan, heptapod, persimmon, gooseberry, eucommia, etc.. In the southern region, the more common are Huang Lianmu, camphor, goat's foot, banyan, maple, tallow, ash, buckthorn and so on. Because ornamental trees grow independently and are exposed to strong sunlight, the temperature and humidity vary greatly, so they are generally chosen to be the most popular ornamental trees. Positive species and more adaptable species.

The group planting of ornamental trees is generally based on the combination of trees and irrigation to form a three-dimensional vertical landscape and colorful landscape. It should be noted, however, that since there is a vertical hierarchy, species at the lower levels, especially shrubs, should be Choose more shade tolerant species. Commonly used shrubs, the north mainly lilac, seasonal, peach, forsythia, spring, peony, elm plum, big-leaved boxwood, small-leaved boxwood. In the south, there are mainly rhododendron, gardenia, sunny agar, honeysuckle. , sea nymphs, octagonal gold plates, and the Ten Merits.

In fact, in addition to considering what trees to plant in the cottage garden, we also need to consider some shrubs, vines, flower beds, and flower border Plants and so on. The matching of plants in villa gardens is a whole system, and it is best to make overall planning and design when designing villa gardens. The results that come out are the best.

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