Bali style villa garden design case

Many homeowners look for villa garden examples online as a reference before they find a villa garden design company. In fact, we highly encourage this approach, because for those who are not well versed in the terminology, using some of your favorite case images to Expression of their own ideas and needs for villa garden design, which is a very efficient way. Today we are sharing with you a very Bali style villa garden design case, I believe that you can Chengdu private villa Garden design homeowners bring inspiration and inspiration.

Bali style villa garden design case
This private villa garden design case is located in the United States, the geographical climate environment is different from China, but its design ideas and creativity is still worthy of our reference.

Basic information at a glance.

Location : Minnesota ;

Size: 2,500 square feet (232.3 m2);

Designer: Becca Bastyr and Jim Sweeney.

Construction: Mom's Design Build.
This Minnesota-based homeowner couple loved the Balinese landscape, but had to travel a long way to get there, so they wanted to make their private villa garden Balinese in style.

With the help of a landscape designer, they transformed their 232 square meter private villa garden into a Balinese garden with a strong Balinese influence. A "holiday sanctuary" in the landscape. In the middle of the lily pond there is a 'floating' deck, a stone fireplace between the herb garden and the vegetable boxes, and a 'fireplace' in the middle of the lily pond. A steel gate with laser-cut openwork provides privacy and artistic decoration to the villa garden.

Bali style villa garden design case
The design team left space between two separate panels to plant trees, ensuring privacy for neighbors but not to The refuseniks. Sweeney says, "We strategically placed the panels to do so without sacrificing the landscape and sense of openness to ensure the neighborhood's Privacy"

Bali style villa garden design case
Many new trees in the front yard, including Serbian spruce, Korean fir, creeper, Scotch pine, and Norway Fritz spruce. A variety of fresh plants and flowers - including Dark Horse weigela, caramel heuchera, Tiger Eyes sumac and apanese lilac, these plants add color and texture to the cottage garden.

The oval deck supported by pillars appears to float in the middle of the pond. "The deck was built off-site and then we lifted it up onto the pond with a crane. It was a lot of 'engineering', but the landscaping and the use was definitely worth it," says Sweeney. The circular outdoor lounge is topped with a red mat, which makes this lush villa garden even more comfortable.

Bali style villa garden design case
A tall outdoor trellis covers the front walkway on the left side of the photo. "Because this is the front yard, it was important to make it attractive. It also makes guests feel welcome and there's a strong connection between the outdoor garden and the building," says landscape architect Sweeney. .
In front of the outdoor trellis, the design team created a new lounge area with a wood and metal trellis surrounding a wood-burning fireplace. The trellis features a variety of planters in which the homeowners have planted edible herbs and vegetables for cooking and decorating. Cocktails.

The ground beneath the seating area features an alternative jellyfish style pattern with a very creative stone pathway. The stone path is surrounded by artificial simulated grass, eliminating the need for watering and troublesome lawn maintenance.
Bali style villa garden design case
The homeowners use their front yard when the weather permits, have their morning coffee or pick herbs in the garden, practice yoga and entertain friends on the deck.

After seeing this private villa garden design example with Balinese style, are you impressed?

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