What are the characteristics of farmhouse garden design style

The farmhouse style gardens are characterized by lush vegetation and a cluttered surface, the layout is consistently simple and regular, with a central path leading to the gate and rectangular flower beds on either side of the path. Originally intended to supplement the diet of farmers, it has evolved into something even more original. Even in the countryside, the late-19th-century pastoral-style farmhouse garden is considered an urban invention - a reflection of the obsessive cityscape, where city dwellers were more concerned with colour and floral scent than with the production of food.

What are the characteristics of farmhouse garden design style
The farmhouse gardens around Surrey and the Hamptons were the first-class designs that Gertrude Jekyll subsequently introduced, from which she developed and refined her own arts and crafts code of cultivation and planning.

Generally, farmhouse gardens are private, as plants are allowed to cover the road and sometimes even movement is restricted. Plants can self seed at will, so any gaps in the road can be filled with them. Hedges are often used to separate private gardens from each other and create a different atmosphere. The soft, lush vegetation and well trimmed hedges and shrubs form one of the most successful contrasts in this design style. In the large garden outside the mansion, there may be room for meadow plants and hedges of rustic varieties to add a little wildness.

The best hard materials in a farmhouse garden are natural stone or brick, weathered or taken down and repurposed with a hint of vicissitudes due to old age. The paving material is also gravel, which is used because the plants can spread freely between the crevices. A simple post railing or pointed pile fence is also appropriate.

There are few clear layouts of geometric shapes in the design of plant pairings. Yet many cottage gardens keep their simple straight lines, and the true nature of the pattern comes out in the winter as the plants fade away.

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