Villa pool area landscape design tips and notes

Landscaping a villa pool area is a different challenge for everyone, just as every house and garden design is unique. Nonetheless, there are some factors to consider when choosing villa pool landscape plants, such as ease of maintenance, privacy, security, appropriate size and smell.

Many villa pool owners don't know where to start to create the desired landscape, whether it's a tropical oasis or a modern minimalist retreat. This article will take a look at several aspects to help you get started on a villa pool landscaping journey.

What is the first thing to consider when landscaping a villa pool area?
Villa pool area landscape design tips and notes
As shown: succulents are a great choice for villa pool landscaping; they are evergreen all seasons and don't let their leaves fall into the water.
Design is the starting point for everything that works. Choose a planting theme, such as modern or tropical, and of course, be sure to take into account the existing landscape and architectural styles in your villa's courtyard so that all landscape elements complement each other. At the same time, the landscape design of the pool area still needs to consider the coordination of basic landscape design elements, such as: proportion, balance, color and texture of materials, etc.

What are the best low-maintenance landscape plants for the villa pool area?
Villa pool area landscape design tips and notes
As shown in the figure: tropical plants are well suited to warm climate swimming pool areas
Choose evergreen trees so that leaves don't fall into the pool. You can also plant some evergreen ornamental grasses, and you don't need to build them to avoid having to clean up the debris from the construction. Avoid cluttered plants that have lost leaves, needles, berries or fruit. In short, it's all about minimizing the amount of leaf debris. Not only do certain fragile flowers (lilies, rhododendrons, trilliums) clog the pool's drainage, but the fruits and berries on the trees can also ruin the pool's hardscape or discolor it.

What are the landscape plants that ensure privacy in the villa pool area?
Villa pool area landscape design tips and notes
The villa pool is a more intimate spot in the villa courtyard, and you certainly don't want to be swimming under the watchful eye of your neighbors. So, when landscaping a villa pool area, be sure to consider the perimeter of the pool space and look out for any directions that would expose the eye. You can form a hedge by putting up a tall fence around the pool or planting some plants that will ensure privacy. Also a reminder again, don't plant deciduous plants or it will be an open area come winter.

What safety issues should be considered when choosing pool landscape plants?
Villa pool area landscape design tips and notes
While being wildlife-friendly is one of the popular trends in villa garden design for 2019, we recommend avoiding plants around the pool that might attract the likes of bees to minimize accidental injuries. Also, avoid any plants with spikes, thorns, or sharp leaves, such as mangosteen, silkworms, and cacti.

What size plants are best for the pool area?
Villa pool area landscape design tips and notes
Always do your homework well in advance before planting, especially for large trees. You need to understand how far its root system will spread to avoid damaging the pool walls, water pipes and surrounding hardscape sections. Also, you need to consider the maximum height that these trees will reach when they mature so that the plant you choose doesn't overtake the pool space or become an intruder that hangs over the edge of the pool. Also make sure that sidewalks and rest areas are not planted with plants that are too crowded, and it is best to keep a bit of separation between tropical plants and some dense undergrowth.

What kind of aromatic plants are suitable for the pool area?
Villa pool area landscape design tips and notes
Pictured: jasmine and roses.
Nothing smells more soothing to the mind and body than the smell of nature, so be sure to plant some scented plants near the landscaped area of your pool, outdoor spa pool or patio. Also consider some plants that will smell good at night, and when you take a dip in the pool at night, the smell of flowers will be soothing.

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