Villa courtyard paving design how to choose paving materials

About the villa courtyard paving design you may have a lot of questions, such as, whether the villa courtyard should be all hardened or paved into lawn, should choose what kind of hard paving materials, gravel, anti-corrosion wood, granite, permeable brick, cement tiles? It really leaves one with no place to go. Today CSHEBAO will unlock the doubts in your mind.
Villa courtyard paving design how to choose paving materials

1. Preservative wood
Preservative wood flooring is very adaptable in the design of villa patio paving. Examples include uneven ground, sloping ground and areas of intense light. But in shady places, the porous nature of the wood means that rain can make wooden floors slippery. Prolonged dampness may speed up the decay process if it doesn't become dry quickly.
Villa courtyard paving design how to choose paving materials

There are also many types of outdoor preserved wood flooring, and hard preserved wood will be more textured, decorative and durable than soft ones. However, higher grade preserved wood will also be more expensive. Please make the right choice for your budget.

Underneath the newly paved preserved wood flooring could become a hiding place for rats. To solve this problem, they can be stopped by using side plates. A semi-permeable membrane is laid under the wooden floor and the side panels are preferably embedded in the soil to a certain depth.

Villa courtyard paving design how to choose paving materials

Brick is a common material in the design of villa courtyard paving, especially when paved in a shady area will have good results. Because of the beautiful moss that grows between the brick seams at this time, this paving design will create a very nice shabby chic landscape atmosphere if you want to create a rustic idyllic cottage patio.

Villa courtyard paving design how to choose paving materials

The variety of stone available for villa patio paving designs is vast. Choosing from brochure images or individual villa patio pavers design samples can be difficult, so an on-site view is the most effective way to do so.

When you find a style that you like and have determined the type of paved stone, pay attention to the way it is laid and decide which layout you like. There are also a few things to keep in mind when paving stone.

Take note of the different sizes of pavers and the space between them - are they seamless or will there be a certain amount of clearance?
If there is mortar between the paving stones, how high is it? Is it evenly scraped?
What color is the hook-and-loop mortar? Different colors will completely change the effect of your villa's patio pavers design. For example, the effect of white or black mortar stitching is completely different.
4. Gravel
Villa courtyard paving design how to choose paving materials
Gravel is a more cost-effective option compared to other cottage patio pavers, with lower material costs and lower installation costs. There are many types of gravel and their adaptations are wide ranging, whether you want a more permeable or non-sticky-footed type you'll be satisfied. To learn about the various types of gravel, its features, and how to use it, read on for this article: how to use gravel for villa patio design.

Be sure to consider the color, size and shape of the gravel when designing your villa's patio pavers. Unless you want a specific effect, lighter colored gravel will look sleeker and the visual effect will be softer.
Villa courtyard paving design how to choose paving materials

When gravel is laid, the thickness is generally about three times the size of the gravel being laid. For example, for 6 mm gravel, the thickness of the paving should be around 2 cm, and for 10 mm gravel, 3 cm.

Final note.

Regardless of which material you choose when designing villa courtyard pavers, the entire villa courtyard should be considered as a whole. The articulation and transition of the paving area and the planting area should be natural and harmonious, and the paving materials should match the entire villa courtyard design style and even hard paving materials can be said to set the tone for the villa courtyard design style.

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