Summer Villa Garden Care Considerations and Tips

As summer temperatures continue to rise, it's important to make sure your cottage garden is as healthy as possible. Today Chengdu Landscape Design Company: One Side Garden, will share with you some summer villa garden care considerations and tips, which includes protecting the plants in your villa garden and providing extra care for them. Plants in the garden will evaporate about 85% more water at high temperatures than at room temperature, so we need to take care of them as if they were our own; high temperatures also reduce the soil's ability to absorb fertilizer, so be especially careful with the fertilizer you use, as the granular expense will burn the lawn; you can use organic fertilizers that contain seaweed, which will effectively increase the drought resistance of the plants. Also add plenty of mulch to the soil surface, such as shredded bark, which will help cool the soil and prevent moisture evaporation to some extent.....
Summer Villa Garden Care Considerations and Tips

Here are 5 important tips for keeping your cottage garden healthy during the hot summer months....

1. Superalgae
Use organic fertilizers that contain seaweed extracts, which will effectively increase the drought tolerance of the plants. Some of the natural substances contained in seaweed such as mannitol and betaine can help plants better cope with the threat of drought.

2. Change your fertilizer.
The hot heat reduces the soil's ability to absorb nutrients from fertilizers. Too much fertilizer can have the opposite effect and can seriously burn plants, so try to use liquid fertilizers that are better absorbed.
Summer Villa Garden Care Considerations and Tips

3. Keep the lawn at a certain height.
Keeping the grass at a certain height will effectively provide shade to the soil and prevent excessive evaporation of water from the soil. You may also need to know more: lawn maintenance

4. Adding mulch to the soil layer

During the hot summer months you can add as much mulch as possible to the soil, such as shredded bark or broken wood, which will keep the soil warm and prevent the moisture from evaporating too quickly, and will also effectively prevent the soil from splashing out and soiling the hard paved areas during heavy rain.
Summer Villa Garden Care Considerations and Tips

5. Consider installing an automatic sprinkler system
Even if you've done all aspects of protecting your lawn, watering in the summertime when temperatures are high is an important part of the job. A simple sprinkler is easy and inexpensive to install, but if you have a large lawn, we recommend that you install an automatic sprinkler system to ensure that all areas are watered in a balanced manner, and you can also set up timed automatic watering to avoid situations where you forget to water. The timing of watering is also important, early morning and late evening are the best times of the day, the purpose of which is to allow moisture to soak into the soil well before the temperature rises to avoid evaporation.

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