Elements and features of a French villa garden design

French landscape design was developed under the influence of the Italian Renaissance. The French villa garden design style takes many of the principles of the Renaissance garden, but incorporates its own style. Renaissance influences did not begin to influence the design of French villa gardens until the 1600s, and soon after, Chateaus' villa gardens were designed using principles that were completely new to the area. The main goal of this private landscaping style is to create an impression of luxury for all guests who visit a wealthy royal country home.

A typical French villa garden design consists of these landscape elements.

Concrete railings, cast iron seats, fountains, pea gravel (a rounder gravel, learn more: gravel in cottage garden design), cast iron/wood planters, simple elegant outdoor furniture, natural stone, glazed pots, vintage ornaments, columns, trellises, bird baths.
Common features of the French villa garden design.

1, houses - should be the number one focus in French villa garden design. Houses are often the focal point of French villa garden designs, with large pathways providing axial views.
2. Geometric patterns - almost all French villa garden designs are geometric and symmetrical.
3、Water features - Water features are the first element of the French villa garden design landscape. Round, oval and rectangular shaped pools are often used.
4. Flowerbeds - Intricate patterns produced by hedges or planting beds formed by shrubs are usually designed close to the dwelling so that beautiful flowerbed graphics can be viewed from higher up in the building.
5, Statue - This is a key feature as you traverse the French garden. During the rise of the French garden design era, Follies were introduced as a sculptural form in French villa garden design. The aim is to create a standout ornamentation.
6、Viewpoint - Located in the landscape of the entire French villa garden, with a full view of the private garden and details.

The Jardin de Versailles is the largest and most luxurious example of this French garden style. Of course, today's villa gardens are far from 2,000 acres in size, but we can still follow the tips given above to bring the pure French villa garden design style into the courtyard of your own villa. When these elements and features are paired reasonably effectively, they are sure to produce the desired effect.

In terms of the scale of the residence, the French villa garden design style remains impressive. Plant trees in a straight line to emphasize the axial view, use hedges for sidewalks to serve as boundaries and create small flower beds, and design vegetable areas in patterns or flower beds. All elements can be added where space allows, and these linear paths lead the visitor's eye to a focal area in the villa's garden, such as an elaborate fountain or sculpture. The French used to grow citrus year-round, which they did by adding a small greenhouse or sunroom.

If you really love the French villa garden design style, a bold attempt to combine all the elements together, even if they are not as big in volume, your villa garden will still be created with the regal and luxurious feel of a French villa garden.

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