10 Classic Layout Plans for Townhouse Garden Renovations

With small spaces, there are endless possibilities. Part of the townhouse garden in the area are slightly bureaucratic, some are long and narrow, some are smaller, some are irregular in shape and appear fragmented ... ... may be these are troubling you to carry out townhouse garden decoration problems, but in fact, regardless of the size and shape, as long as the well-designed townhouse garden can become a bright landscape.

Today we are sharing 10 classic layouts of townhouse garden renovation designs that can meet your functional needs for dining, relaxing and playing in a townhouse garden.

1. Split the townhouse garden into three coordinated areas
10 Classic Layout Plans for Townhouse Garden Renovations
In this typical example of a narrow townhouse garden renovation, the garden is divided into three separate areas, creating a sense of layered richness, and the three areas are in harmony with each other. The entrance area has steps for easy access to the garden, and an outdoor dining table on the left side, a small terrace on the second floor, and a narrow pathway up to create the feeling of a winding path.

2、Easy to take care of and maintain
10 Classic Layout Plans for Townhouse Garden Renovations
This is also a typical example of a narrow and long townhouse garden renovation, with the entire garden looking very clean and simple. If you don't usually have enough time and don't want to devote too much time and energy to maintaining and managing your garden, you can do what you did in this case: the ground is widely hardened with only an occasional sweep with a broom; the plants are planted with drought-tolerant blue carpet juniper and Hollywood juniper in addition to evergreen shrubs; the open soil in the garden is covered with shredded wood veneer, which prevents both weeds and rainwater from spilling soil and soiling the tiles; the wooden fences on both sides are easy to maintain and ensure privacy.

3、Steel stairs are beautiful and practical.
10 Classic Layout Plans for Townhouse Garden Renovations

If your townhouse garden has a drop, then you better set up such a steel staircase. It's easy to construct, not too expensive, and it's also more stylish and modern.

4、Let the retaining wall or flower bed play a dual function
10 Classic Layout Plans for Townhouse Garden Renovations
In this example of a townhouse garden renovation, the edge of the plantation (which is also essentially a type of retaining wall) serves both as a retaining wall for the planting area and as seating for the outdoor seating area. This is a win-win design approach that reduces some of the investment in decoration and is also very humane.

5、Symmetry design
10 Classic Layout Plans for Townhouse Garden Renovations
In very rule especially this kind of rectangular villa garden decoration design, you can try a lot of design elements or ways that make use of symmetry. The benefit of doing this is to give your townhouse garden a very strong sense of design. Also, the whole garden seems very well laid out.

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