What a professional villa garden designer can do for you?

Many homeowners have certain misconceptions about what a professional villa garden designer can do for your villa garden renovation, and today Cshebao will discuss them with you. This will help you to provide good guidance and reference before choosing a professional villa garden designer to serve you.
What a professional villa garden designer can do for you?

First. What can a professional villa garden designer do?
Simply put, professional villa garden designers design and plan outdoor spaces. The landscape design sketch shown is a good example of the process of a garden designer designing a villa garden. It shows the linking relationship of the outdoor space to the building and the focus of the garden design, and points the way for the positioning of the outdoor space, the development of the layout.
A professional villa garden designer should not only consider the overall landscape coordination of the residence (building), but also consider in detail, the planting and matching in the villa garden, ground cover, swimming pool, path planning, outdoor restaurant, water feature or water system planning and design, lighting design, soil issues, rainwater management, etc.

But not all professional villa garden designers, or companies, will design and build together. Some just produce design drawings, and you'll need an additional third-party construction contractor to do the construction build. Like our side garden, it is design + construction + post-maintenance integrated services, so that your villa garden decoration more worry-free.

Second, professional villa garden designers do not just provide good-looking landscape.
Perhaps you've seen many photos of beautiful villa garden design plans or real life examples online that have actually been the end result of countless planning and design changes. When you can delve into a garden design scheme and look at a photo of multiple angles from the same project as well as design drawings, you can get a fundamental idea of how a cottage patio can turn into a perfect outdoor space.
Professional villa garden designers for how homeowners experience and use their garden space. Creating an outstanding villa garden experience is one of the top priorities for garden designers. Therefore, professional villa garden designers are not only concerned with landscape effects and planting methods, but also with the feeling that the garden space brings to the user. Private or open? Is it lush and lively or minimalist and quiet? Issues such as these form the user experience and process that the landscape brings and are the foundation of the villa garden design process.

Third, we are designers, not gardeners.
There is a common misconception that a professional villa garden designer will build and maintain the landscape. We are all willing to spend more time around plants and gardens, but the reality is that the villa garden designer spends a lot of time conceptualising schemes, drawing up designs and managing the project, with the rest of the time spent interviewing clients and communicating and working with the construction team.
Most professional cottage garden designers are regulars in nurseries and gardens, but really don't prune, transplant, etc. on the projects we design. Professional villa garden designers usually just need to work well with, guide and supervise the construction team to ensure that the project is built according to our design intent.

Fourth, the work of a professional villa garden designer is the whole picture.
A professional villa garden designer, will look at the landscape design of a villa garden as a system. The flow of regional water bodies in relation to the overall water system; light, soil and local climatic environment are all factors that need to be systematically considered when undertaking site planning. The job of a professional villa garden designer is to design the specific site environment to fit the bigger picture.
Fifth, the professional villa garden designer has the latest landscape design ideas and expertise.
Professional villa garden designer, in addition to being able to draw a beautiful landscape design scheme, but also to ensure that the details in the scheme can fall into place. So you need to calculate materials, drainage, finishes and layout dimensions of the grading plan and technical details, as well as to know that the "materials" used in the design plan are available in the market or construction workers can do, otherwise the design plan is reduced to paper.
So, the saying "design in detail" applies particularly to the landscape design of the villa garden. A circular water feature design, like this one in the picture, has to be consistent with the overall design plan. How specific materials come together, what best practices are, what the latest technology is, and which unique solutions are best suited to individual gardens and clients are all detailed factors that need to be considered when designing a solution, drawing a drawing.

At the same time, garden designers are kept up to date with the latest design ideas and expertise through continuous learning and participation in various upgraded training.

Sixth. Professional villa garden designers are experts in sustainable development.
"Sustainability" is not just a concept, but a design approach that should be practically applied in the design of villa gardens. A professional villa garden designer who is an expert in sustainability. In this example of landscaping, as shown, a boardwalk crosses a lush planting belt, while at the same time being designed in such a way as to prevent soil erosion.
There has been criticism that many villa garden designers have long been creating environmentally conscious work in the form of landscapes. Indeed, not all villa garden designers have "sustainability" as the main focus of their work itself. However, many of the best practices used by garden designers are driven by the ecological principles of vegetation, rainwater, material use and microclimate effects.

Seven, professional villa garden designers have many ways to touch the design.
Professional villa garden designers work in a very wide range of styles and expertise, from artistic to technical, and will cross and link over a wide variety. As shown in the picture, this very designer cut-out metal fence was designed by a designer and then custom produced by a factory worker.

Ask your villa garden designer candidate which landscapes and concepts are his inspiration, as this will have a huge impact on the content that the garden designer will create for you. Is it the view of the vast grasslands, or the peace of the deep woods? For some designers, the design may be inspired by cultural works, such as references to design inspiration such as art, painting or textiles. Some designers may be inspired by the gardens of historic Italian villas or modern gardens with a strong sense of line.

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