What kind of wooden doors should be chosen for different spaces?

Home decoration is a homework that requires a lot of personal aesthetic and common sense in life. Seemingly simple a wooden door, in addition to its material and function, of course, we have to consider the color, line and many other conditions, good choice, icing on the cake; bad choice, then you may want to consider changing a door.

1, the entry door is the door surface of the whole family and home style pointing to the mark, the first thing to consider the overall style and beauty. The most common styles of entry doors are Chinese style, European style and so on, if the home is decorated in European style, then wooden doors corresponding to also pick wooden doors with curved and swirled lines.

Secondly, the entry door is the first line of defense in the home and also needs to have security. Most people prefer wooden doors that are decorative, sturdy and durable. At the same time, hardware locks need to be durable and long-lasting, anti-corrosion and rust-proof, so that locks do not fail or fall off, affecting the safety of the whole family.

2, the restaurant, living room door most of the use of fan type, push-pull type or folding door type, the style of the square format for the division of the glass door type, this door type occupies a small space area and convenient, simple, bright, transparent and strong.

3、Bedroom door The primary factor should be sound insulation and privacy to create a quiet and comfortable sleeping environment. The design should choose the warm and natural, elegant lines of the wooden door, this kind of door to the owner to quiet, security, or square format of the Chinese style wooden door, both elegant taste and sleep aid.

4, the study door design should be beautifully shaped, simple and elegant temperament of the wooden door, can produce the ancient color of the book and cultural color effect, which will be enough to give people a state full of cultural incense in the reading, improve learning efficiency.

5, kitchen, bathroom door to sandblasted, frosted pattern, semi-translucent glass door is better, bathroom door should be more unique wooden doors, giving a sense of security and mystery, or the use of the upper half of the frosted glass door type, enhance the privacy of the space.

6, balcony doors, terrace doors should be good lighting, high transparency of the full glass doors, so that the balcony can absorb more sunlight, the room light better.

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