Want to create a Chinese cottage garden landscape design, add these 5 Chinese elements will do

The new Chinese-style villa garden landscape design reflects the essence of Chinese aesthetics and cultural precipitation. It still fits well into modern life and realizes the ideal lifestyle of Chinese people in the new period.

To regain the essence of classical gardens and create the spirit of the city, a group of Chinese-style landscape design projects were born. It uses the language of contemporary landscape design to express the spiritual connotation of traditional Chinese gardens, organically combining modern and traditional elements, using the functional needs and aesthetic interests of modern people to create gardens with a traditional atmosphere, so that traditional art can be properly reflected in today's society. It can be said that the new Chinese garden is a kind of elevation of Chinese classical garden, but also an expression of the essence of classical garden with the times.
Want to create a Chinese cottage garden landscape design

In small villa garden landscaping, the new Chinese style of design is becoming more and more popular with homeowners. Traditional villa gardens range from functional to cultural, physical to spiritual. "The unity of heaven and man" was an important philosophical proposition in ancient China. Heaven, earth and man envelop space and time, and in the macroscopic cognitive system, the courtyard becomes an integral link between the three.

The courtyard's mood is to elevate the beauty of life to the spiritual realm through the pursuit of a better life. Thus, the courtyard is not only a space surrounded by architecture, but also a place where man meets nature, spirit and the universe. The artistry and comfort of courtyard living inspires romantic reveries about the universe and nature.

Some common elements are often unavoidable in the new Chinese cottage garden landscape design. Today Chengdu landscape design company: one side garden, will share with you the six design elements of Chinese villa garden landscape design.

Chinese small villa garden landscape design element one: landscape wall.
The mood of Chinese gardens always has a poetic atmosphere, and landscape walls use different kinds of materials to simulate the natural landscape. Whether it's landscape panels, mountain sculptures or other landscape themed elements, incorporating them behind a landscape wall creates a natural landscape of interest.
Want to create a Chinese cottage garden landscape design

Chinese small villa garden landscape design elements two: hitching stakes
Hitchhiking stone carvings are unique to the northern part of the country and are usually placed on either side of the gate. Not only did it become an integral part of residential architecture, but like the stone lion in front of the door, it not only served the dazzling function of decorating the building, but was also given meaning to ward off evil spirits and guard against them.

There are two common types of tether stakes. A hole about 15cm x 15cm in the back eave wall of the inverted house is left in front of the wooden pillar in the back wall, on which the reins of the horses with iron rings are tied.

There is also a kind of horse tethering pile, which is a stone pillar about 6 inches square buried in the ground, revealing about 4 feet of ground, the end of which is slightly carved for horse tethering; there are also blocks of stone about 1.5 feet wide and 4 inches thick, partially buried in the ground, revealing about 2 feet to 3 feet of ground, on which is carved the "nose beam" for wearing the reins, called horse tethering pile or "horse tethering stone".

Chinese small villa garden landscape design elements three: the moon door
"Moon Gate" or "Moon Cave Gate" is a common kind of landscape in classical Chinese architecture, mostly used to separate the partition between the two courtyards in garden buildings, but also used to make the partition in the large room. This landscape is designed not only for spatial separation, but also for landscaping. The full moon shaped doorway is like a picture frame. Depending on the angle and the light and shadow, the scene in the picture is completely different.

"Round" is an important spiritual element of Chinese culture and a factor that cannot be ignored in Chinese artistic life. Roundness, with the meaning of completeness, is exactly what we Chinese people long for in our hearts. In life, you can also see some Chinese "round" use, such as the moon door.

Chinese villa garden landscape design element four: a pool and three mountains
"One pool, three hills" is a common garden pattern in China, in the long history of the development of Chinese gardens has endured for a long time. Chinese classical gardens are most concerned with the construction of mountains and water, and the mountain and stone landscape is the skeleton and foundation of the garden landscape, while the water landscape is the vein of the garden.

A pond of three hills from the broad water landscape paved, the lake stands three small islands, the island building landscape has its own form, the layout not only enriches the lake level, breaking people's monotonous line of sight, so gradually become a classic, for successive generations of landscape garden used.

Chinese small villa garden landscape design elements five: gobbled water
The ancient folk custom of purifying the purification of purification (fuxi) in ancient times, and the later development of the literati Ren Gobao, who chanted poetry and had a profound influence on Chinese gardens.
The development of new Chinese gardens is, to a certain extent, a rethinking of Chinese classical gardens, and also provides a theoretical basis for the creation of gardens with Chinese classical characteristics.

The new Chinese-style villa garden landscape design style not only meets people's demand for modernization, but also preserves the traditional Chinese courtyard culture, on the basis of meeting functional needs, but also allows people to retain a sense of awe and love for tradition, which is the charm of the new Chinese-style garden design.

The new Chinese landscape design is characterized by the preservation of traditional Chinese elements such as colors, patterns and symbols, and the careful organization of the plant space of the traditional courtyard to create a modern landscape space courtyard with Chinese charm. The white walls and black tiles are the expression of the elegant beauty of classical residential houses, the use of different materials, expressing a unified gray tone, conveying the traditional Chinese natural, calm atmosphere, very rich in the modern oriental flavor.

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