Use these 10 private landscaping principles to make your private garden more meaningful and interesting

Private forest landscape design is different from large-scale public landscape design, private gardens should not only be beautiful and artistic, but also take into account the needs of daily life. Today Cshebao, will share 10 principles of private landscaping design. Whether you're a homeowner who's preparing for a private garden renovation or a private landscaper, these 10 principles can give you help and guidance.

Use these 10 private landscaping principles to make your private garden more meaningful and interesting
Private forest landscape design principle I: Principles of diversity and uniformity
Maintaining unity can be seen as a thread or theme that runs through private landscaping and integrates unrelated parts into a whole. Unity also refers to the harmonious interrelationship between the elements in the design composition. Unity in private forest landscape design refers to many aspects, such as form and style, landscape materials, colors, lines, etc. There should be an emphasis on unity from the whole to the local; too much unity will appear dull, and ignoring it will become confusing. Therefore, it is important to always diversify on unity and to seek unity in the midst of change and not to become a hodgepodge.

Private Home Forest Landscape Design Principle II: The Main Principle
In private landscaping, the main body is created when one element or group of elements is highlighted from the others. The main design element is a focal point or focal point in the courtyard space. If there is not a subject element in the composition, there is not an element or part of the space that makes the gaze linger.
Use these 10 private landscaping principles to make your private garden more meaningful and interesting
Private Home Forest Landscape Design Principle III: The Principle of Rhyme
The repetition of similar sounds in music or poetry with a certain regularity is called rhyme. The same is true of private forest landscaping, which can only be achieved through the clever use of multiple rhythms in sync. Generally, there are three ways to generate rhythm in private garden landscape design: 1, repeat; 2, invert; 3, gradient.

Private Home Forest Landscape Design Principle IV: Principle of Comparison
Contrast is the comparison or comparison of two identical or different private landscaping objects with each other. In the private garden landscape design, in order to highlight the local landscape in the garden, the use of material, color, texture and so on with its opposing scenery together with the performance, in order to cause a strong dramatic effect, but also give visitors a distinct aesthetic interest.

Private Home Forest Landscape Design Principle V: Moderate Repetition
Repetition is the repeated use of similar elements or landscape elements with similar characteristics in private landscaping. Because these elements have a lot in common, they can create a strong sense of visual unity. Landscaping that lacks repetition or similarity is cluttered and disjointed in visual perception. Of course, complete repetition can also lead to monotony and can quickly cause visual fatigue.

Private Home Forest Landscape Design Principle VI: The Principle of Simplicity
The word "simple" is used in private garden landscape design, meaning that the design of landscape elements is mainly simple and elegant. It should be said that natural beauty has always been a deliberate focus for private landscaping to pursue and emulate. To sublimate natural beauty into artistic beauty, it is necessary for landscape architects to constantly cultivate and improve in practice. Just as Western gardeners say that "simplicity is also beauty", the choice should be based on the principle of simplicity and elegance.
Use these 10 private landscaping principles to make your private garden more meaningful and interesting
Private Home Forest Landscape Design Principle VII: Principle of Proportion
In private garden landscape design, the interrelationship of proportions should be considered everywhere, from the proportion of local and overall to a wood and a stone with a small part of the environment. Once the proportions are lost, it's easy to bring about visual discomfort. Like the five senses of a human face, the right proportions would be called "beauty", and the opposite would be obvious.

Private Forest Landscape Design Principle VIII: The "man for man" principle
The theory that "people see people" as behavioural science is a new topic that has only been introduced in the last 20 years and has been directly extended to private landscaping design. In other words, the most compelling design principles in private landscaping design should first consider the behaviour of "people". A good landscaping piece should be able to give the most sensitive feedback to everyone's needs so that they can play, be refreshed, be interested and meet their behavioural needs.

Private Home Forest Landscape Design Principle IX: The Principle of Texture
Texture refers to the coarseness of the surface structure of living and non-living organisms in a private landscaping, and the resulting sensation. Like the soft, thin grass, dark green moss is evenly proportioned and delicate, one can't help but step on it and touch it. If a smooth stone is placed in the sand of a nearby river, this set of similarly textured landscapes will clearly show a harmonious beauty.

Private Home Forest Landscape Design Principle 10: The Search for Context
Context is the product of the heart and things meeting and merging, and context is a deep spatial dimensional art.
Artworks such as private homes and forests become places of amusement for admirers once they become "realms". An intriguing private garden can become a place of pleasure for visitors for hundreds of years, and the image and interest of visible creation has triggered the associations and fantasies of visitors. In other words, there is a "mood", and it is a mood that is enduring. The following are highlighted. 

 1、Poetry - It is often said that "seeing the scene creates emotion", meaning that the real scene triggers emotion, but also includes the emotion that comes from association and fantasy. 

 2、Picture - The courtyard is the main painting, for visitors who walk freely in private gardens, only the "eight sides are exquisite" can make people satisfied.

These are the 10 principles of private garden landscape design, I hope to help you who are in need of private garden landscape design.

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