Top 10 trends in villa landscape design in 2020

For villa landscaping, from designing a villa garden that allows you to focus more on yourself, to growing your own food to give you and your family more peace of mind in your life, Cshebao believes that the trends in villa landscaping in 2019 will lean towards creating an outdoor space that brings you health, happiness and relaxation.

1、Maintain low maintenance

Villa landscape design is the same as interior design, clutter can make people feel very depressing, which is why the cluttered villa garden will make you feel overwhelmed. Especially since our daily lives are inherently complex, we should look for ways to simplify our villa landscape design in 2020.

Include most of the perennials that regrow every year, and you'll need to group them together according to their watering needs. To get professional plant advice, talk to your garden maintenance staff or garden company, or take a local garden tour to get some information.
Consider removing cluttered trees or shrubs that do not provide any ecological benefits. (For example, a tree whose leaves will fall into your pool or pool; a shrub that climbs into a common path.)
Invest in an automatic irrigation system that will help you take care of the plants in your garden even when you are away.
Be careful when choosing hard paving materials. It is recommended to choose pavers that are of high quality stone, stone, or pavers that don't need to be repaired for a short period of time, or that don't require frequent cleaning.

Top 10 trends in villa landscape design in 2020
It's a very nice cottage garden that is also easy to care for. Although many homeowners are fond of plants, trust that you won't have much of a set time to care for them. So one party gardens suggests that it's best to pick which plants are easier to maintain when landscaping a villa, unless you have dedicated time. It is also worth mentioning that some of the trees in front of the house in this garden provide good shade for the building in the summer.

2、Creating a comfortable leisure area

Instead of putting up with the crush of going out on holiday, why not make your cottage garden a place to enjoy the view all year round? It's increasingly popular to look for more ways to make your backyard a comfortable "getaway" when it comes to villa landscaping.

Here are some suggestions.

Maintain low maintenance (see point 1).
Set up an outdoor sound system so that you can enjoy music outside as well.
Set up recreational areas. For example, you can set up an outdoor fireplace or fireplace, configure some outdoor furniture and this will be the place to relax in your cottage garden, which you can understand as an outdoor living room.
Set up an outdoor lighting system. Outdoor lighting isn't just a way to enjoy your garden after dark, it's a way to add charm to the villa garden.
If you'll be inviting friends over for parties on a regular basis, an outdoor kitchen and dining area in the villa garden is recommended.

3. Beautifying the structures in the garden of the villa

Some structures in the villa garden are very necessary - sunroom, equipment room, pet room, tool room, etc. Since these are the things you see every day, why not make them even more beautiful? Even with careful design and decoration, you can make these structures a visual focal point in the villa garden, rather than a "hot-eyed" landscape element.

One Party Garden suggests these ideas to try when landscaping a villa.

(a) Create a rustic cabin using "recycled" materials such as rough barn wood, old boat wood, antique iron doors.
Conversion of existing buildings (e.g. old stables) into outdoor restaurants.
(b) Getting ideas by copying local or other landmark designs or using similar materials.
Build a glass conservatory to be the visual focal point in your villa garden.
Top 10 trends in villa landscape design in 2020
This cute little house is the visual focal point of the entire villa garden, providing not only a decorative role but also a practical function - whether as a workshop, a flower room or even a utility room.

4, create a private, relaxing area

A small retreat in the large garden can make you feel like a "place of refuge". Creating a quiet space to relax, read or meditate while doing villa landscaping will become increasingly popular, as mindfulness and finding ways to de-stress are becoming a top priority. Garden designer Bernard Trainor said, "I've found that intimate, secluded spaces in the garden are just as important as magnificent views." Whether you want to create a dedicated outdoor yoga studio that provides the quiet environment needed for meditation, or a spa to rejuvenate you after a tiring day. A villa garden is a great place to offer you these features.
The following are some recommendations.

Creation of double seating.
At least one simple water feature.
Surrounding the space with dense vegetation.
Use trees or rattan frames to create a sense of enclosure for our top space.
Construction of a wall separating this small area from the rest of the villa garden.
Use of tall, narrow plants as privacy barriers.
Use neutral tones to create a sense of calm and order.
Top 10 trends in villa landscape design in 2020

The gardener nestled this fire pit area between two buildings to make it seem like an enclosed, private place. Rough boulders were also set up to connect the space to the surrounding landscape, with plants planted with natural breezes.

5、Design your entry garden

A well-designed front yard will not only impress your neighbors, but more importantly will put you in a happy mood every time you come home. Creating an entry-level garden with a wealth of creativity will be something that never stops. So, don't feel cold and neglected by thinking that the entry garden is a place that won't be used and stayed at high frequencies.

Here are some ideas for entry-level garden design.

Adding seasonal planting containers.
Planting of scented plants along the entrance corridor.
Installing lighting not only to illuminate, but also to make your front yard more attractive.
A sensible mix of plants and flowers to complement the overall colour of the front door.
Planting plants, especially some ornamental grasses, in crevices, such as between stones in sidewalks, to add interest.

The walkway starts out fairly wide and gradually narrows as visitors begin to walk up the steps - creating a comfortable enclosure.

Various creeping thyme grows between the stones of the sidewalk, and on the right side of the walkway is golden Japanese forest grass and on the left is thorny mustard. Designed by van Oehme, Sweden. Photo by Marion Brenner.

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