Tell you the 9 most important things about villa garden renovation

This fire pit patio area is surrounded by gorgeous and well-designed landscaping, creating an outdoor retreat to entertain and relax.
For most homeowners, villa garden renovations come with a certain budget. Especially with a tighter budget, Cshebao recommends that you prioritize allocating your renovation budget to the core foundation of your garden, rather than what fancy things to spend it on.

Probably for most female homeowners, it may feel like a lot of fun is lost in the garden of a villa without a state-of-the-art outdoor kitchen and entertaining area. While things like a retaining wall coming down or a tree being toppled by a gust of wind are rare, these are the most basic things that should be given limited consideration when renovating your garden. Maybe you'll want to spend your money on building a fire pit patio like the one pictured above, but sometimes safety, practical concerns and budgetary considerations have to trump the choice of personal pleasure.
Tell you the 9 most important things about villa garden renovation

A solid, long-term villa garden landscape renovation plan is a smart move to achieve your current needs and future aspirations. To prioritize your garden renovation, first imagine your dream garden (it's just a dream, so picture it though). Then list key items that need to be addressed now, items that can be improved later (drainage, slope making, infrastructure, etc.), and list existing features that can be used or redesigned into the new plan.
Finally, find a landscape architect who can address both of these goals, perhaps in stages. You may be surprised at how much overlap there is between dreams and reality. With creative planning and a realistic renovation budget, you may get what you need and want.

Here is a list of some of the most important needs in villa garden renovation that you can take some guidance from Cshebao.
Value your front yard. The common areas of the front yard and entrance affect not only the first impression, but more importantly the sense of satisfaction and well-being of the dwelling. Even if you spend all your free time in the backyard and choose to focus your landscaping, never make the front yard an unwelcoming, neglectful or out of sync style with the rest of the surrounding area.
Tell you the 9 most important things about villa garden renovation
1. Entertaining. 
If you'll be entertaining a lot in the cottage garden, partying or will be spending relatively long hours outdoors, then investing in a nice outdoor kitchen and dining area can be a very rewarding thing to do. For these types of areas, hardscape needs to be considered heavily. The floor covering materials complement the exterior of the building as much as possible and transition smoothly to the rest of the yard. It is also very important that the space in the area is large enough to accommodate a sufficient number of visitors.
Tell you the 9 most important things about villa garden renovation
2, water features.
In our experience, the most popular landscape elements in villa gardens for owners are decorative water elements such as ornamental water features, pools, swimming pools, etc. There are a lot of homeowners who will worry about water features that breed mosquitoes, in fact for this point just do a good job of water purification system.

3. Children's play area.
For families with small children, play equipment such as swings and tree houses tend to be high priority options. However, for safety reasons, it is recommended that these facilities be placed in the shade and that the floor be soft and that young children remain within sight of the parents at all times.
4. Privacy.
If one of the goals of your villa garden renovation is more privacy, then there are many options that combine privacy features with aesthetic design. For example: fences, fences, densely planted plant walls, etc. For the fence, we can also plant some vine plants to climb on it, so that not only the aesthetic privacy will be perfect.

5. Drainage system and erosion prevention. 
When it rains, where does the water from your yard go? Is your basement damp or leaking? Does water pool in certain areas of the yard? In order to improve stormwater runoff and divert water away from your home, you may need to realign the area around your home and install drainage wells, water catchment equipment, etc. Normally this process would be done in the foundation phase of the villa garden renovation.
6. Efficiency and sustainability. 
According to a report by the American Society of Landscape Architects, "Efficiency and sustainability are critical when it comes to landscape elements." This means a low-maintenance cottage yard that conserves natural resources and is environmentally friendly.

7. Energy saving and emission reduction.
The type of trees you plant and where you plant them can reduce indoor energy consumption to some extent throughout the year. The shade reduces the temperature of the surrounding air and reduces the house's exposure to the direct sun. Planting properly located deciduous trees can cool the yard and house in the summer and allow sunlight to enter indoors in the winter. While homes in cooler areas may not need shade, densely planted windbreaks can also keep your living environment safe from high winds.
8, Water Conservation Garden. 
Consider water conservation in the garden - not only for arid climates, but should be included in every landscape project, regardless of scope or size. Try to use some native plants, which can reduce watering to some extent.

9. Fire risk reduction. If your house is located in an area prone to wildfires, then fire prevention should be an important priority for us. We can design the landscape to reduce the likelihood of houses, properties being exposed to fire by creating defensible spaces of at least 10 meters or so around the building, putting in landscape elements around the house that are less likely to burn, such as pools and plants with higher moisture, and leaving space between plants and plant communities.
The above is Cshebao's advice on the important things to consider when renovating a villa garden, which I hope will be helpful to you.

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