How to design an urban house garden as a private oasis

In addition to suburban villas with gardens, more and more urban townhomes or stacks now come with gardens. Due to the location, the garden may not be too big, but this inch of land is worth the effort to build. Today Cshebao shared this urban house garden design case for you, is to take this opportunity to bring you some reference and inspiration.

And this urban house garden design case is also a bit special, because the owner purchased two sets of adjacent ground floor, so in the garden design to merge into a whole. As a result, we were able to create an outdoor space along the back wall facing east. This space is filled with a variety of lush greenery, making it the perfect recreational area for family and friends.

If you also like this style of house garden design, take a leaf out of it.
Firstly, from the overall planning layout, the whole house garden is divided into three areas: a lounge area, a dining area and a fireplace area (as shown above, this is the owner's outdoor meeting room). As you can see from these pictures, the division of the areas makes the garden look organized and functional at a glance, and visitors and hosts will have a more comfortable experience. In addition, the entire garden is dominated by a variety of richly layered greenery, as the owner prefers foliage ornamental plants to flowering ones.

2、Here we will share some tips of this lush house garden design. In fact, the highlight of the whole design is its green hue, the whole garden is an urban oasis.

The greenery in this small outdoor space has been carefully arranged in order to ensure that it is evergreen.
Maple trees and deciduous vine plants were planted in order to perceive the change of seasons, so that some of the plants will also change color when the seasons change.
In order to be able to ensure that cohesion and linkages between the different regions remain, the same types of plants are used repeatedly in each region.
There is a sharp contrast between the different shapes of the leaves, such as the halberd-shaped Phellodendron and the rounded Ligularia reniformis.
As a final point, get the effect of cascading green leaves by planting some ivy on the top layer of pots, flower beds, etc., so that the whole garden will look more lush and soft.
3, the embodiment of seasonal colors. In fact, this was briefly mentioned earlier because most of the plants throughout the garden are evergreen, which ensures that the space will be lush and green all year round. However, in order to perceive the change of seasons, and at the same time, the garden can present different scenes to avoid aesthetic fatigue. So, the designer purposefully included two deciduous plants, Japanese maple and Virginia climbing tiger, which provide seasonal color throughout the garden, while providing plenty of sunlight in the garden during the winter months.

4、Dark tones. The addition of dark landscape elements makes the plants in the garden look more stylish and vibrant. Whether it's a black planter or a preserved wood planter and wood flooring that's been painted a dark brown.

Well, all of the above is the whole process and tips of this urban house garden design, if you also want to make your home garden into a similar urban oasis, then may as well learn some of the design points and tips.

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