How to create a small garden? Patio design is important.

How to create a small garden? Patio design is important! Netizens: beautiful little garden out of the sky! Everyone has a patio garden dream in their heart!   With sensible layout and planning, you can bring your yard to life!   As people's standard of living continues to rise and material life becomes increasingly rich, succulents as the enlightenment of China's gardening tide, opening the era of gardening for all.
  Many people love the fragrance of the moon season, the richness of peonies, and the simplicity of flesh, but they are afraid to keep potted plants as flowers for a long time.
How to create a small garden?

  While I haven't had a particularly successful experience with yard layouts, I can share some of the failures with them so everyone can feel it. It is also advisable to look more at good cases and pictures before doing the patio design.

  ①Define the style and layout  

The layout and function of each courtyard is different, first of all must determine the overall layout of the courtyard, determine the style, such as its residential design is partial to the Chinese style, then you can choose the plum, bamboo and chrysanthemum, pavilions and evergreen plants, but exclude plants such as pine and cypress, because common in the mausoleum forest, Chinese style is more elegant and heavy, if paired with too much red and purple, thick ink splashed flowers, will make the overall clutter, courtyard is not a botanical museum, good-looking must be put together, but complement each other, just right.

 If the house itself is partial to the European style, can be properly integrated into the iron art, swing, vine, moon, clematis, hydrangea and other elements, will certainly make the whole full of vitality, but the production of the courtyard and the formation of the final effect will not happen overnight, such as the moon arch design to the formation of 2-3 years, so here we must consider the growth space of plants and the future development of the direction, must not rush to pursue the immediate effect.

For example, if the residential style is simple and the base is not clear, you can choose the idyllic style, hedge fence, hang the dwarf and iris, under the fence plant a row of endless summer, spring breeze, also a good time of life. For example, hydrangeas should not be placed in direct sunlight, but in a location where there is a mixture of diffuse and oblique light, such as under a hedge or in a corner of a wall. Choosing to determine a good style is like writing a review of the topic and ideas, it is very important to grasp the overall style.

  The owner of the garden has several cars and needs to provide several parking spaces, there are no elderly and children in the home, if so, it may not be suitable for some thorny plants, it is better to put a thousand autumn, yellow hair hanging out of the hair, enjoy yourself. These features and details should be taken into account. Include what kind of soil is the native soil of the yard, if it is construction waste soil, then the plants are more difficult to grow, weak fertility, easily affect the flowering plants and growth, if it is necessary to ground plant, then it is recommended to change the soil in the area, with a mixture of peat soil, slow-release fertilizer and other soils.

②The plant must be chosen taking into account its native environment

Such as green lily, red palm in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai summer, winter open-air maintenance is basically difficult, but gardenia, hydrangea, moon season, clematis, leek, onion orchid can be considered, the courtyard is not a matter of one or two weeks, its growth can accompany the owner of a long life, which is also the difference between plants and flowers.

  In recent years, it can be said that it is the era of self-media for all people, everyone has a high-definition camera, so when you take photos, you will definitely consider the layout, angle and color, therefore, in the garden design, you can use several important angles of the garden as a lens, from far to near, from top to bottom, for example, under the zinnias, you can plant a few moon trees, under the hydrangea, you can choose the stone landscape and lawn, only by integrating the perspective of "people" into the garden, you can create a good garden in person.

 ③ Selection and use of garden materials   

The use of waste is a highlight in the renovation of the courtyard, but the use of moderate waste is very important, if you just pile up material or just rigid, I'm afraid it is to lose the other side, such as the water tank wine table, you can create an old retro atmosphere, tire color, you can make the color full of vitality, but if the color of the tire dominates, the water tank wine table can not find the right plants with the wine bottle pattern faded, is a very embarrassing thing.

 It is recommended to incorporate waste use as a concept into the design concept, such as two wine altars, a pair of discarded rain boots, and three moon trees in two tires are all good choices. The element of excessive waste utilization is likely to cause the yard to resemble a repository for scrap items six months later if not maintained properly later.

  ④ Build the bones first, then moisten the muscles, then sew   

Later maintenance of the garden is also a big project, many plants and design you have to practice to get experience, paper is always easy to learn, never know it has to be practiced.

  The courtyard is like a platter, if there is a problem in a certain place, very affect the overall effect, so at a later stage, which plant is dead in the sun, which pot of flowers is not suitable for placement in a certain location, all need to be modified again to consider, as we mentioned at the beginning of the article, write the article, first conceive, then mention the pen, and finally read over and over again, modify the touches. This article is shallow in depth, and we welcome your guidance.

 ⑤The small garden in the big garden   

The city is built without the efforts of each individual, and the extended family is made up of countless small families, with episodes of small gardens forming large gardens.   
In the wind, in the rain, in the heart of every builder, I wish every garden dream, no matter how big or small, to come true soon.

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