A note on decorating a ceiling!

Ceiling decoration is a kind of interior decoration, it has the role of heat insulation, sound insulation and noise reduction, it is a new project of electricity, natural ventilation, communication and alarm piping machinery and equipment such as a cover layer. There are many raw materials for making decoration ceiling, including gypsum board ceiling, mineral wool sound-absorbing board ceiling and artificial board ceiling, etc. Nowadays, there are many brands of integrated wall panels in the market, the following small peak to introduce the decoration ceiling FAQ.

1. The living room ceiling should be configured with a circular sun pendant.

Always pay attention to the living room must be a natural environment with abundant light, the house should be bright, the daytime lighting is excellent, even if limited, can also fill the lighting fixtures according to the lighting fixtures. As a result, the living room needs to be well-lit, and the dullness affects career development. It's crucial to pick a ceiling light for the ceiling in your living room. Because the ring light is suspended from the ceiling, apply a ring ceiling light or ceiling light. The fluorescent tubes are close to the sun, suitable for living rooms without sunlight.

2. The ceiling of the living room should be showy tones.
The living room ceiling ceiling is light in tone to give a comfortable feel, and bright tones can pair with a variety of decorative styles, and can look inconsistent. I do not know, and the hotel ceiling corresponding to the wooden floor of the hotel is black, and with the statement "light and heavy" consistent, dining room ceiling ceiling is not easy to bring a sense of oppression to the dining room.

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