30 square meters of small villa garden renovation case

Many villa garden owners whose gardens have been renovated for a long time may have villa garden remodeling ideas. Maybe it's the fact that the grass and trees have grown old and uncared for, or maybe it's just a simple desire for a different style and a different mood.

Villa garden renovation compared to the new installation will be slightly more troublesome, one is worried about the renovation is not as good as the current situation, and after all, have moved into the renovation garden is bound to have a certain impact on the current life. But since you already have a heart transformation, then take that step boldly.

I hope this 30sqm mini villa garden remodel example shared for you today will be inspiring and inspiring to you.

The homeowner couple in the case, transformed the villa garden with a very clear purpose. They needed a night garden and a beautiful outdoor space to sit and relax after work and on weekends. Four days of design and two months of construction completed the renovation of this villa garden.

Many times we want a garden, not just an outdoor extension of the house. This will be a relaxing outdoor area to entertain, barbecue and relax with friends, so outdoor soft furnishings and greenery are high on the list. The unimproved garden looks decadent and everything needs to be started from scratch.
For the homeowner: "This outdoor space is more than just an outdoor living room, I wanted it to have a real garden feel." And plants are the only unique element that make this space a garden. So the designer created two distinct areas: a practical hardscape area and a lush green planting area. This satisfies landscape needs without compromising practical functionality. And a tool room has been added to this villa garden.
The hardscape section is very cleverly designed - mostly wood and dark grey concrete floor tiles. And the framing of the garden didn't waste much building material.

An outdoor staircase off the living room gives access to the cottage garden. From this perspective, we can see that the garden of this small cottage has been transformed to look very charming, especially at night.

A small galvanized steel bridge over a small pond provides access to the recreational area.

Surrounded by tall courtyard walls, this cottage garden provides privacy, but there may be some areas where the light may have an impact. So for plants, choose woodland plants that are suitable for shade, such as ferns, silver lotus, quinoa and false ascending flax, which are more shade-tolerant and also suitable for less experienced gardeners who don't want to spend all their time on plants. Even in the darker corners you can view the beautiful white flowers.
Because this villa garden transformation case area is only about 30 square meters, so maximizing the use of the villa small garden space is the key element of this design. Everything is seamlessly pieced together and put together like a puzzle. There is a need to ensure the harmony and coherence of the different elements of the villa garden. Seating like this one against the yard wall, and the trellis being built into the corner were all considered to save space.

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