This is a low calorie fried rice

Wild vegetables (white) One, radish, egg, one egg, nine-story tower leaves, garlic, garlic

1. Beat flowers and wild vegetables ⚠️: Vegetable stems and cauliflowers should be beaten separately. Because the vegetable stalks need more time to beat. Remember not to play too hard, so as not to affect the taste.

2. Cut the radishes into pieces, put them in a bowl of water, and cook them in a microwave oven (about five minutes)

3. After cutting the garlic, put it in a pan and sauté. Afterwards, add the eggs and cut the eggs with a spoon.

4, put in a good flower wild vegetables, and stir fry.

5. Add radish pieces and continue to stir fry.

6. Add a little soy sauce and an appropriate amount of nine-story tower leaves to season. Continue to stir fry. Put the lid on, cover it, and snap it, just fine. ⚠️: Don't fry for too long. So as not to be too soft and affect the taste.

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