How to make shrimp balls delicious?

500g Japanese tofu, 100g fresh shrimp, 30g green beans, salt, soy sauce, sesame oil, starch, water

1. 2 bags of Japanese tofu, about 15 fresh shrimp, pick out the sand line after cleaning to remove the case.

2. Cut the tofu from the middle with a knife (there is a dotted line on the outside of the package, follow the instructions). After dividing into two sections, lift the bottom of the package, gently put the tofu on the chopping board, and cut into 1 cm thick pieces.

3. Put the chopped Japanese tofu evenly into the plate, and place one shrimp on each tofu surface.

4. Decorate green beans, sprinkle a little salt, and prepare for steaming.

5. Steam on the pot, just three or five minutes after the pot is opened, keep the tofu and shrimp fresh and tender.

6, pour the steamed water into a bowl, add a little starch to mix evenly.

7. Pour the water starch into the pot, add a pinch of fresh (soy sauce), and turn off the heat after a thin simmering sauce is formed.

8. Pour the lotus root juice into a small bowl and pour it over the steamed jade shrimp. A little small jade shrimp can be served at the table.

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