New Year's Eve with a cold cucumber

Anti-aging: The old cucumber is rich in vitamin E, which can play a role in prolonging life and resisting aging. The cucumber enzyme in cucumber has strong biological activity and can effectively promote the body's metabolism. Rubbing the skin with cucumber pounding juice has the effect of moisturizing and wrinkling;
Garlic, cucumber, soy sauce, vinegar, sugar

1 Wash the cucumber repeatedly. I soaked it in rice water for 15 minutes.

2 Crush the cucumber.

3 Prepare the sauce. I use garlic paste, raw soy sauce, a little vinegar, a little sugar, and a little more sesame oil.

You can also add other condiments according to your preference. For example: chili oil \ pepper oil \ sesame sauce and so on

Zero turnover cheats:

1 It is best to choose organic cucumbers for raw cucumbers, wash them thoroughly, eat them with skin, and the nutrition is quite rich.

2 It doesn't matter if you can't buy organic ones. Ordinary cucumbers in the vegetable market are also fine. Don't choose the ones with flowers, don't choose the uneven body thickness. Fresh cucumbers are green and crisp and have some hardness. If it is soft, it is not new.

The more thorns on the surface of the cucumber are not, the better, but there are thorns, and these thorns have been choked off. It must be fresh.

3 The sauce can be changed to different tastes according to your preference.

4 Raw food, when cutting, please wash the chopping board and knife thoroughly

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