Eating fried chicken legs for the new year

Chicken legs 4
40 g flour
10 g starch
20g glutinous rice flour
8 slices of ginger
A pinch of salt
A little spicy powder
2 spoons
150 g milk

First step: 4 fresh chilled fresh chicken lute legs. It's best not to use quick frozen. It's better to buy fresh fried chicken. Pour into a bowl of milk. Add 2 tablespoons of soy sauce. A little salt. A little spiced powder. A little spicy powder. A few slices of ginger.

Step 2: Then pinch. Scratch. Scratching. Grab it for a few minutes and then squeeze it again. That's about half an hour.

The third step: after half an hour, it is almost the same. The milk juice color of the chicken legs is a little light milk tea color. Ready to start baking powder.

Step 4: Wrap the chicken drumsticks and mix them yourself. Or you can buy ready-made fried chicken powder. I do not have it. So make one for yourself. The skin is crispy and crispy. So this flour is flour + glutinous rice flour + starch + spiced flour + a little salt.

Step 5: Wrap the mixed chicken legs with flour. The taste you make will not be as heavy as the ready-made taste you bought. The fried chicken legs are still very good.

Step 6: Wrap the chicken legs in the mixed fried chicken powder first. Spread evenly on the powder.

Step 7: Let ’s wrap the powder a second time. In fact, you need to add an egg when marinating chicken legs. I think it's easy to paste with egg. So no egg liquid is added to this recipe. It's fine.

Step 8: Keep the milk juice of the chicken leg just marinated. That's what this step uses. Put the powdered chicken legs in the first pass into the juice and moisten them. Come out.

Step 9: Remove the pan. Use the smallest oil pan in the house. This really uses at least two-thirds less oil. The milk pan I use is extremely small. So you can fry one chicken leg at a time. A little bit bigger. But really save fuel. Look! The chicken drumsticks that have been successfully wrapped in powder are in this state. Absolutely non-sticky. Pure dry condition. one comes. Throw a piece of powder. Immediately the oil temperature rises and it is right. Turn to minimum heat and start frying chicken legs.

Step 10: The oil in the pan under the chicken legs is in this boiling state. Bubbling bubbling. The chicken legs went down and the oil stopped, indicating that the oil temperature was not enough. If the oil temperature is not enough, the crispy skin will crust quickly. Don't rush to flip the chicken legs after dropping. Turn after 30 seconds. Turn the chicken leg over. flip over. Upside down. Various flips. Pay attention at the beginning. However, the fried chicken powder of my formula is firm and won't easily fall out.

Step 11: Remember to fry again after frying. The first frying time is almost 5-6 minutes. The re-blasting time is 2 to 3 minutes. The whole process takes more than 8 minutes. After the fire started to burn, the fire turned to a small fire and slowly and patiently exploded.

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