What fruit is best for salad

The avocado taste is relatively thin, and if it is mixed with other fresh fruits and vegetables to make a salad, the taste will be more intense. However, you can only eat half avocado high-calorie foods, otherwise you will become overweight.

The practice of avocado salad:

Ingredients: 2 avocados, 100g of cheese, 50g of lettuce, 100g of canned sweet corn, 20ml of apple vinegar, 10ml of olive oil, 3g of salt, 3g of black pepper

Method: Peel the avocado and set aside. Cut the avocado into a hob and place it into a large salad bowl. Cut the cheese into 1 cubic centimeter pieces. Add the cheese to the salad bowl and wash with lettuce. Add to a salad bowl to make vinegar juice, mix salt, pepper, olive oil, and apple cider vinegar evenly, pour the vinegar juice into the salad bowl, mix evenly, and place on a plate.


Because bananas are very prone to fullness, it's perfect for girls who are losing weight to make salads with bananas.

The practice of banana salad:

Material: 1 banana, half kiwi, 1 bag of plain yogurt

Method: Banana slices, kiwi cut in half, dug out with a spoon, cut crescent slices. Place bananas and kiwis on a plate, place a clove of orange drizzled yogurt in the middle, cut into heart shapes with Guotan skin, and decorate.

Virgin fruit

The maiden fruit is a common decoration in salads. The red maiden fruit can make the salad look more appetizing, and the cherries are also rich in vitamin C for skin whitening.

The practice of maiden fruit salad:

Materials: 20 virgin fruits, 1 corn, 2 coriander, salt, oil, vinegar, pepper

Method: Wash and cut the virgin fruit. After washing and peeling the corn, simmer it in boiling water, remove the corn and simmer it; cilantro chopped, put corn, virgin fruit and cilantro in a large bowl. Add an appropriate amount of salt and pepper and mix well.

Dragon Fruit

The albumin contained in dragon fruit can automatically bind to the heavy metal toxins in the human body and excrete it. It has the effect of detoxification and detoxification. Therefore, if some dragon fruit is added to the fruit salad, the nutritional value will be higher.

The practice of dragon fruit salad:

Ingredients: appropriate amount of dragon fruit, appropriate amount of shrimp, appropriate amount of celery, appropriate amount of virgin fruit, appropriate amount of salad dressing

Method: The dragon fruit is divided into two pieces. Use a small spoon to dig out the flesh and cut it into shells. Parsley diced diced and cooked in boiling water. Shrimp are cooked in a wok. Mix pitaya, shrimp, celery, and virgin fruit with salad dressing, add a little milk, and season with salt and chicken essence. Put the mixed ingredients into the hollowed out dragon fruit shell, and the beautiful and delicious dragon fruit seafood salad is completed.


Watermelon has a very good effect of relieving the heat, so if it is summer, you may add more watermelons to the fruit salad, and the taste of the watermelon is very sweet, which can increase the sweetness of the salad.

The practice of watermelon salad:

Ingredients: watermelon, avocado, onion, green pepper, mint leaves, cream cheese, lime, olive oil, red wine vinegar, salt, black pepper

Method: Cut the lemon in half and squeeze the juice. Mix the lime juice, olive oil, and red wine vinegar and stir well to form a salad juice for later use. Watermelon, avocado, peeled and diced, chopped green pepper and onion, mix together. Sprinkle with shredded fresh mint and crushed cream cheese. Drizzle the salad juice from step 1 and sprinkle with a little salt and black pepper. It tastes better on ice.


Kiwi is rich in fruit fiber, which can accelerate the decomposition of fatty acids in the human body. It is a very good weight-loss fruit, so adding some kiwi to the salad can have a very good weight-loss effect!

The practice of kiwi salad:

Material: 1 grapefruit, 2 kiwis, 1 mint leaf, appropriate amount of dried cranberries, appropriate amount of sugar

Method: Peel the grapefruit, slice the flesh and place. Kiwis peeled and pupae sliced. Sprinkle sugar. Mint leaves cleaning. In a plate, sprinkle with dried cranberries and mint leaves.


Cantaloupe has a sweet taste and a beautiful color. Salads made with cantaloupe will not only look more beautiful but also taste good.

How to make cantaloupe salad:

Ingredients: 100 grams of cantaloupe, 100 grams of watermelon, 50 grams of virgin fruit, 100 grams of grapes, appropriate amount of salad dressing

Method: Diced cantaloupe, small virgin fruit cut into round slices, peeled grapes, cut watermelon into a round slice, cut a few pieces of watermelon into the desired shape, and drizzle with salad dressing.


We often say that one apple a day keeps the doctor away, so you can add some apples to the salad to increase the nutrition of the salad, but the apple is particularly easy to oxidize and turn black when it is cut. Add fruit vinegar to your salad to slow down the oxidation time of your apples.

How to make apple salad:

Ingredients: half apple, 80 g purple cabbage, 50 g raisins, 3 walnut kernels, 80 ml yogurt

Method: Peel the apple and cut into small pieces, soak in salt water for a while. Wash and cut the purple cabbage. Wash the raisins and walnuts. Put all the things on the plate in order. Serve with yoghurt.

How many calories are in a fruit salad

1. Calories in salad dressing: 724 calories / 100g all ingredients: egg yolk, salad oil, white sugar, white vinegar, salt, hydrogenated vegetable oil. Unfavorable ingredients: egg yolk, salad oil, caster sugar, hydrogenated vegetable oil (trans fatty acids)

2. The calories contained in mayonnaise: 760 calories / 100g. All ingredients: egg yolk, white vinegar, olive oil, hydrogenated vegetable oil, white sugar. Unfavorable ingredients: egg yolk, hydrogenated vegetable oil (trans fatty acids), caster sugar

3. Calories in oil vinegar juice: 59 calories / 100g all ingredients: olive oil, white vinegar, parsley, black pepper, onion, mustard, salt. Material that is not conducive to weight loss: None

4. Calories in barbecue sauce: 216 calories / 100g all ingredients: soy sauce, maltose, caster sugar, red wine, garlic, spices. Not good for weight loss: maltose, caster sugar

5. Mayonnaise Calories: 643 calories / 100g All ingredients: milk, egg yolk, olive oil, hydrogenated vegetable oil, white sugar. Unfavorable ingredients: egg yolk, hydrogenated vegetable oil (trans fatty acids), caster sugar

6. Calories in tomato sauce: 81 calories / 100g everything: tomatoes, apples, caster sugar, salt. Material that is not conducive to weight loss: white sugar

7. Calories in French mustard sauce: 62 calories / 100g all ingredients: yellow mustard, red wine, honey, caster sugar, white vinegar. Material that is not conducive to weight loss: white sugar

8. Calories in Qiandao sauce: 475 calories / 100g all ingredients: egg yolk, salad oil, tomatoes, French parsley, caster sugar, white vinegar, salt, hydrogenated vegetable oil. Unfavorable ingredients: egg yolk, salad oil, caster sugar, hydrogenated vegetable oil (trans fatty acids)

What salad dressing is good for fruit salad

Apple cider vinegar is blended with olive oil. It is the most popular seasoning for vegetable salad now. It is absolutely green.

Cream is a seasoning for fruit salad.

The flavors of these two salads are not to be confused.

At present, there are only thousand island dressings in China for salad dressings. They are sticky and not good in taste, and those are definitely fattening things.

Supermarket salad dressings are mainly divided into three flavors, ordinary, sweet and Qiandao. Brands include Qiubi, Jiale, Wei Kemei and so on. The ordinary type has a lighter taste and is suitable for potato ham salad (but also other accessories, such as milk, salt and pepper, etc.); the sweet type is sweeter as its name suggests, and it is more suitable for fruit salad; the thousand island sauce is sour and suitable for seafood salad ( There must also be auxiliary ingredients, such as mustard, lemon juice, etc.) Of course, this is just a general idea. I want to make a salad, mix various sauces and add other ingredients such as milk, yogurt, salt, sugar, etc. depending on the cooking ingredients. , Pepper, mustard, lemon and even cloves, cardamom, fragrant leaves ... and other auxiliary materials are very important!

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