Unforgettable day

There are not only many days in a year, each day is a gust of wind and is forgotten with the passage of time. However, this day is a stroke in life and one cannot forget forever.

"Ding Jingling ... Ding Jingling ..." I was woken up by the alarm clock when I was asleep. When I looked at the alarm clock, what was 7:50, I was like an ant on a hot pot, hurriedly dressed and washed, even though I The movement was very fast, but the time passed by one minute and one second, and it was already eight o'clock when I was about to leave.

Dad drove in the car and left in a hurry, but no matter which traffic light to go to, there is always a red light displayed there, I hope, and finally reached the green light, but there was a person who plugged into our team. Later, I got stuck by him and couldn't get through again! For a while I wanted to be a bird, but I was not a bird, but I could only wait for the red light. The red light finally turned into a green light. I am very happy!

I did n’t see the teachers and classmates. My dad and I went up. The teacher may have led the classmates to go the other way. My dad and I saw an elderly grandmother. The most striking thing was his calloused hands. These hands must record the hardships she experienced. Recording her hard life, my dad and I came to ask him if he had seen our team. Her kind face, even in winter, was very warm to watch.

At last we learned that where the team went, I went and found the team. The original team walked the mountain path from the beginning. On the road, the sun rose higher and higher, and the sun shone on my face, making me Feel the warmth.

After this lesson, I understood that I would have to go to bed early and get up early so that I would not be late again. The experience of being late this time is really interesting!

Today is an unforgettable day!

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