These light luxury shades can make your home so beautiful

The light luxury style not only exhibits a sophisticated and high-end living attitude, but also enhances the style of the room as a whole, because of its inherent artistic atmosphere, it has been loved by more and more people in recent years.
It can be seen from the pictures that the light luxury style is elegant, calm and restrained, emphasizes the details, and has a high-end atmosphere. Then, is the light luxury style equal to "expensive"? How far is it from our ordinary lives? How to create a light luxury style?

Light luxury, as the name suggests, is mild luxury, this style stems from people's pursuit of quality and refined life. The decoration style is reflected in the aspects of color, shape and soft furnishings.

In the light luxury style, designers often use high-level neutral colors, with camel, ivory white, milk coffee, black and carbon gray as the main colors of light luxury. Although not very bright, they interpret a "low-key luxury" To make the space fuller.

Sometimes, the contrast of colors is formed by using black and carbon gray locally, giving the space a sense of generosity. Adding the bright colors of the jump to add embellishment, forming an elegant and atmospheric space style, maximizing the light and luxurious temperament.

If the overly calm main color makes the home not soft enough, you can neutralize this calmness with some delicate and elegant furniture and accessories. That is, the use of light luxury elements that we will talk about next.

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