Special dinner

The fall of night is accompanied by a strong scent of vegetables.

Grandma still uses what I think is the most pleasant word: "I'm eating!" Grandpa stopped reading the newspaper first, walked slowly, and teased her grandma with a smile, helping her put dishes; Mom and Dad also came out of the house As soon as I was relieved of the tiredness and fatigue, I changed into a smile and greeted me; I rushed to the chair and salivated at the rich dinner. Our family welcomes dinner with a new spirit, because --- this is a rare time for our family.

Mom and Dad are busy at work on weekdays. Only at this twilight time, can we eat together, chat and talk away from each other's bored emotions, and there is only a warm feeling in the eyes.

The night was getting darker, and the dark sky like ink was dotted with a few faint stars, giving a warm feeling, but also with a dim sense of distance. The moon has not yet come out.

We looked at the night and whispered and laughed, seemingly afraid to disturb the night scenery. Grandma clipped a thin piece, looked at me lovingly, and said, "Slight rain, eat more, is growing up!" Grandma's eyes had a strong love. I was touched in my heart, smiling at my grandma, and biting this unusual piece of meat, but --- the meat was tasteless, like chewing a piece of plastic, I had a nausea, but tried to swallow it Go on. Maybe my mother noticed a change in my complexion, picked up a piece of meat, put it in her mouth, and chewed slowly,  wanted to say something, but held back. Grandma's right hand was injured, but in order not to add burden to the tired mother during the day, she insisted on cooking with our left hand for us. Grandma is always afraid of what she can't do, it will cause us trouble, and she blame herself very much, even if we never said her, we never meant to blame. I love grandma. We all love her very much. I don't want her to suffer while suffering. So we all chose silence by coincidence.

Grandpa and Dad are no longer eating meat, but blindly eating vegetables. "Well? Why don't you eat meat? Isn't it delicious? I'll try it!" Grandma frowned, ready to try it herself. "It's delicious! I'm not eating it!" I quickly stuffed a few pieces of meat into my mouth and swallowed those pieces of pain very painfully, I really don't know what it was like! What even made me lose my sense of taste is that my grandma caught meat!

The whole family was silent, waiting for Grandma to finish the meat. Grandma looked up, and before we acted, she said very seriously: "I won't do this again! I will never blame myself, and let you so many ways to comfort me ..." Grandma I ca n’t say any more, the corners of eyes are moist, but we all smiled with relief, and grandma smiled so easily.

The color of the sky is getting darker, but the ground is bright, and the lights of millions of households are on, as dense as stars, and there is no sense of distance anymore. The moon came out. At night, it seemed so warm.

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