Rural scenery

My grandmother's family is in the countryside, where the scenery is charming, the air is fresh, and people linger.

There is a bamboo forest behind the grandmother's house. As soon as spring comes, the swarms of bamboo shoots scramble out of the ground to breathe in the fresh air and bask in the sun. When the sun is comfortable, take off your coat one by one. In summer, These bamboo shoots have become a strong and erect bamboo, the breeze is coming, the bamboo forest is rustling, and the green sun can cast a green shade for a rest.

There is a vegetable garden in front of the house. The grandmother planted a variety of vegetables in the vegetable field. In summer, the vegetable garden is colorful. There are green cucumbers, small and lovely purple eggplants, red peppers, large and thick winter melons ... Whenever you eat, your grandmother will carefully take them off and wash them carefully with water, and you can taste the dishes within a short while. .

To the left of the vegetable garden is a large paddy field. In the spring, the seedlings trembled and looked greener against the drops of water, which was a welcome to spring. In autumn, the rice matures and looks golden at first glance, like a thick layer of gold, proudly telling the joy of a good harvest.

There is a clear bottom river in front of the house. The small fish swim in groups in the river. They come and go, they play a chasing game, and the splashing water is sparkling. It is fish. Joy is flashing. The other side of the river is a mountain surrounded by fog, which is undulating and continuous, reflected in the river, adding a scenic line to the river, and it is more and more like the mountains and the water.

The scenery of Grandma's house is a vivid freehand drawing, and every time you watch it, you can find different beauty.

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