Home decor those light luxury elements you like

The style of light luxury is mostly based on the simple hardcover design, but the style is reflected by the texture of the material itself. The commonly used elements are marble, metal, glass, mirrors and other elements with their own luxurious qualities, which create a rich sense of layering for the space, thereby highlighting a high-quality living style.
Moreover, the entire space contains a lot of design details, such as: natural-textured marble elements, colliding with shiny metal, an exquisite retro, full of warmth, an icy pride, noble and compelling, bringing a fascinating Sense of refinement.
The local use of tiles, glass and metal, special lines, and some shiny elements are important expressions of light luxury. Through the combination of depth and shade, the levels are distinct, creating a full artistic texture.

And metal texture decorations and leather sofas convey the coexistence of comfort and fashion. The fabric is soft and the metal is hard. When the two meet, their unique luster creates a full texture, which perfectly balances their advantages and disadvantages.
Light luxury style furniture with mostly clean lines. However, the soft texture itself retains its rich texture and touch. For example, it will be matched with some soft and comfortable fabrics and shiny leather. These finishing touches are the soft accessories we will talk about next.

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