The most romantic tourist destination in the world, you must go once in the rest of your life

Each country has its own characteristics, but when it comes to romance and elegance, no country can match France.

Stand in front of the Eiffel Tower, smile Mona Lisa in the Louvre, take a small train to tour Colmar, and watch the purple ocean of Provence ...

"If every country has a corresponding color, France must be purple, because it is romantic to the uninhabitable, and the air of France is filled with the mellow aroma of red wine.

‖ Paris: a glass of red wine swaying by the Seine

Paris is a city where many elements can be well integrated. It can have the most fashionable fashions or the most conservative culture. It has an unparalleled beauty, full of luxury and elegance.

With the Eiffel Tower as the background, I will commemorate the banks of the Seine and walk along the bridge to enjoy the artistic atmosphere in the air.

Seeing the blue sky and the blue river, the green plants lined up around the iron tower in an orderly manner, and there was a sense of coziness in my heart.

I bid farewell to the Eiffel Tower, came to the Louvre, and felt the spark of romance and art.

Mona Lisa smiles, looks up at the Statue of Victory, and embraces the broken arm Venus. I am not an art lover, but I will inevitably be infected by the strong artistic atmosphere in the Louvre.

When the breeze along the river blew across your cheeks, walk into the Flower God Cafe at the corner of Saint-Germain Avenue, soak in the afternoon sun and spend your afternoon tea.

When love and art collided, they opened a book of Shakespeare and opened a collection of poems, watching the afternoon quietly.

‖ Colmar: A fairy tale blooming in flowers

After experiencing the collision between fashion and tradition in Paris, he reluctantly left Paris and came to Colmar, a fairy tale.

A tributary of the River Il flows slowly through the city and is known as "Little Venice".

A small bridge with two holes and various houses full of flowers on the shore has a unique leisure life in Colmar.

Visit the local bazaar to see the living conditions of the people there, and then visit the exquisite and small toy museum to see the fairy tale closest to reality.

‖ Lyon: a sea filled with purple

Lyon's most attractive is of course the lavender sea of ​​Provence. The endless purple color is the reason why many people come to France.
The bright sunshine, the blue sky, the charming style, and the intoxicating lavender fields are all amazing. No matter what kind of person you are, you will not refuse the lavender flowers scent in the air.

The French are romantic because they have Provence.

Just be a time thief in Provence, let this purple ocean drown out time, and the whole person is lazy, drink a glass of local red wine before sunset, and enjoy life.

‖ Annecy: the most beautiful time in a lake

After leaving the sea of ​​flowers, I came to the beautiful Annecy. If you stand on the shore of Lake Annecy, you will definitely feel a French tranquility.
Lake Annecy is known as the purest lake in Europe. It is as blue as the emerald embedded at the foot of the Alps.

You can feel the tranquility, the small town of Annecy is surrounded by mountains and rivers, and the medieval architectural style makes people linger on the lake.

‖ Marseille: the bustling and prosperous part of the old port

As the second largest city in France, Marseille carries the bustling liveliness of the old port, and also reflects the blend of old and new cultures of multiple ethnic groups.

The blue waters and white cliffs make Marseille exceptionally peaceful and charming.
When you come to Marseille, be sure to try the Marseille fish soup that you have heard about, and experience a different French romance. The soup is rich, the meat is tender, and the taste is full. It is a feast of delicious food.

After eating, strolling along the harbor of Marseille, watching the crimson sunset in the sky, as if you can take away all thoughts and exhaustion, just want to enjoy the time in Marseille quietly.

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