Eight classic aesthetic principles of home furnishings (below)

Aesthetics are everywhere, including painting, sculpture, and literature. Fashion and home that are closely related to life are inextricably linked to aesthetics. The layout of the home is no longer a kind of superficial environment decoration, but also represents the master's aesthetic taste. In the last issue, I introduced the aesthetic principles of stability and skill, harmony and contrast, proportion and scale, symmetry and balance. Then I will introduce you to the other four aesthetic principles that are essential to home aesthetics.

Principle points: Hard and soft decoration is not difficult to achieve in harmony with each other in color and style. The difficulty lies in how to make "contact" between the two, which requires the use of "excessive". If the transition between the form and the color level is natural and ingenious, it can often achieve unexpected results.

Application skills: hard doors such as wooden doors, siding, and soft furnishings such as dining tables and cabinets are all in uniform color, while the walls are taupe and decorated with hanging and hanging mirrors to break the sense of bureaucracy and enrich the spatial layout. .
Note: “Transition and echo” can increase the rich beauty of the living room, but it should not be too much, otherwise it will cause confusion and too much cumbersome feeling.

Principle points: Analogy is a literary statement. In formal aesthetics, it is inseparable from association. Idea is the link and bridge between the things that are similar, opposite, or related to what you have seen before.

Application skills: For example, the use of calm colors in the room, such as brown, cherry, etc., plus books, antiques, art, paintings, will make people feel that the owner of the bedroom is a tasteful person.
Matters needing attention: When using this principle to arrange the home, we must pay attention to it. Compared with idea, it is never a whimsical thought. The space it forms should be the living atmosphere that you have had or are very yearning for.

The main points of the principle: the furniture should have a unified artistic style and overall charm. It is best to customize the set or try to choose the color, the style is more consistent, plus the integration of humanities, further enhance the taste of the living environment.

Application Tips: Different colors should use different color tone. White and green are comfortable, so set it as the main color of the living room; yellow accents it with an angry side.
Matters needing attention: When purchasing new furniture, it should be matched with the original furniture set. At the beginning of the home layout, there should be a complete plan and concept, so that there will be no mistakes in the process.

The main points of the principle: The style of the home is very important. First of all, we must consider the basic style of the living room. Once you establish an atmosphere and a style, you can have an extension.

Application skills: color, lines, materials are highly uniform: strong color, smooth lines, luxury on the material, from the outside to the inside, from the hard to the soft out, all create a typical European aristocratic Renovation.
Note: Although it is necessary to avoid the same, so remember to choose only your favorite, highest quality decoration, control within the same style, to avoid a sense of awkwardness.

Everything in art is to create beauty, and it must have its own aesthetic principles. On the basis of observing principles, combining its own aesthetic hobbies and rationally exerting its own creativity, we can create a unique style that we like.

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