Create a luxurious and elegant home life with the design style of the world and the East

The new Chinese style perfectly combines the light and modern elements with the traditional Chinese elements. While refining the classic Chinese elements, it also simplifies and innovates them, “takes its gods and forgets its shape”, with traditional classical culture. For the background, create a living space with a Chinese romantic atmosphere.
Whenever you are, you can still feel the precipitation of old times and the charm of a new era.

The perfect combination of European elements and modern materials, mutual radiance, is the pursuit of luxury and new fashion.
The white and light gray are deep and simple, and the ingenious combination is used to construct a unique charm, which reflects the beauty of the elegant and classical style of Yayi. Elegant and finely polished, it brings the ultimate visual enjoyment and glimpses at first sight.

The delicate texture of the wooden door, the polished texture of the marble, and the metallic texture of the chandelier are dissolved in the bathroom space, and the abandonment is too flashy and too monotonous, and it is high-grade and unconventional.
Yayi's neo-classical balance is in perfect balance between low-key luxury and practicality. It is very valuable to be a gentleman like a gentleman.

Modern simplicity follows the rule of “less is more”, elegant low-saturation color, and resolute straight lines. Showing restraint and calm personality.
The modern minimalist style perfectly shows the owner's longing for a quiet and self-sufficient life in a tea and a meal. Falling and generous intellectual temperament stays in the heart.

The square inch is the foundation, showing the grand style of the luxury house. Writing the history of the mighty and radiant, let the classics become a cultural imprint, deep and not heavy.
Every silk texture is a rumor of taste, like a cup of old wine, to the pure, for a long time can not forget.

The thick brown color highlights the maturity and stability, and the most fascinating thing is that the shape, texture, carvings and tones of the wooden doors and wall panels are exquisite and noble. The intriguing reveals the ancient and long-lasting fragrance, exuding the nostalgic sentiment and showing the distinguished status.

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