Why is hair care still not smooth every day?

In general, the hair is the second face of a girl, and many girls will spend their time designing hair styling to create the most fashionable hairstyle. However, in addition to hair style, hair is also a major focus, no bright and supple hair, hair is just a bunch of hair, not hair. Why is hair still not soft even when using conditioner every day? Because the density and weight of the conditioner you use is wrong! So what hair conditioner should I use? Tell you now!

Case 1: Young hair

You should also use conditioner every day with fine hair, which can reduce hair knotting and knotting. It is best to comb the hair after use. In addition, you can also try some conditioners with ample effect, about 2 to 3 times a week, to ensure that your hair is smooth and not too flat.

Case 2: Abundance hair

Thicker and thicker hair actually needs a lot of water to maintain the moisturizing degree of the hair, so the conditioner needs to be used every day, and always you don't plan to wash your hair. You should also use conditioner to maintain the moistness of the hair. Or choose a conditioner with a deep moisturizing formula to ensure silky suppleness.

Situation 3: bleaching and dyeing perm

There are hair dyes that have been dyed or hair-exposed, and the general surface layer will be damaged. Therefore, in addition to the basic conditioner used every day, it is recommended to use 1 or 2 times of deep conditioner every week to make the hair from the inside out. Repair damaged parts to avoid breaks caused by drought.

Situation 4: Drought hair

Hairline drought has the opportunity to be caused by daily hair clips or electric hair sticks, and the focus of this hair care is moisturizing. In addition to the conditioner used in the shampooing process, it is also recommended to use the hair oil to lock the moisture after shampooing; before using the styling tool, you can also use the hair care products with heat insulation to reduce the damage of heat to the hair. . Finally, a deep-care mask for 1 to 2 times a month is also a must.

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