What is the main reason for girls’ hair loss?

What are modern people most afraid of? It’s not poor, not ugly, but hair loss! Especially for girls, once they start to lose their hair and feel that their whole state is wrong, why do girls lose their hair? Many people think that hair loss is a symbol of aging, but there are actually many problems.

The main reasons for female hair loss are as follows:

Reason one: postpartum

Since the body secretes a large amount of androgen during pregnancy, the hair has sufficient growth hormone. Postpartum due to a sudden decrease in hormone secretion. Hair naturally falls off a lot, but this phenomenon disappears about 6 months after birth.

Reason two: high fever

High fever can also damage the hair root tissue and cause a lot of hair to fall off. In particular, sustained high fever is particularly damaging to hair roots, but it can be normal after about 6 months.

Reason three: pressure

The acceleration of the pace of life in modern society and the fierce competition are likely to put people under increasing pressure. According to research, stress is not only closely related to hair loss, but also accelerates the generation of aging and wrinkles. In this regard, the only countermeasure is to unload the burden in time and let yourself completely relax.

What is the main reason for girls' hair loss?

Reason four: dieting

Dieting makes the hair lack sufficient nutrient supply, and if the hair is lacking in iron, it will be yellow and ruthless, and the final result will inevitably lead to a lot of hair loss. Therefore, to balance the diet structure, do not blindly diet to lose weight.

Reason five: birth control pills

Women who take the pill for a long time will also have a disability. Once they stop taking it, the symptoms of hair loss will disappear.

Reason six: hot, dyed frequency

Frequent perm and bleaching can cause damage to the hair and even hair loss. Therefore, do not perm over-frequency or abuse a variety of hair dyes.

Reason seven: hair style effects

Ponytails, shofars or twists that are too tightly tied will damage hair roots and cause hair loss.

What is the main reason for girls' hair loss?

Reason eight: disease impact

Hair loss due to excessive sebaceous gland secretion or sebaceous gland secretion caused by certain diseases or congenital diseases can cause hair loss.

Most of the hair loss parts for women are concentrated on the forehead and both sides. The hair stylist recommends not to pull the comb back to the back when combing the hair. The blowing time should not be too long, otherwise the natural protective layer of the hair will be easily damaged, and the hair will be dry and easy to break.

At the same time, reasonable diet.

Hair loss and white hair are caused by insufficient blood and lack of nutrition. You can eat more foods rich in iron, calcium and vitamin A and nourishing hair, such as milk, fruits, vegetables and fish with high protein content. Lean meat and poultry.

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