Wash your hair every day and wash your hair for 3 days Which is healthier?

Shampooing is a common thing for everyone who loves cleanliness, but many people love to wash their hair but don't wash their hair.

What is the difference in hair quality between those who wash their hair every day and those who wash their hair for three days?

Which one has a big impact on hair quality?

The difference between shampooing every day and shampooing for three days is first of all hair quality. How do shampoos emphasize the maintenance effect? ​​After all, the essence is still a cleaning tool, and it will cause damage to the hair.

People who wash their hair every day, the number of times they use shampoo will definitely be more, and the damage to hair is of course greater, so people who wash their hair every day must not have the same quality as those who wash their hair every three days.

Is it the healthiest to wash your hair in a few days?

In order to keep it clean, some people insist on washing their hair every day to maintain their image. In fact, too much frequency of shampooing can cause damage to your hair, but is it better to wash your hair every three days? Nor is it.

Specific analysis: For example, in summer, it is best to wash once every other day, and the winter weather is cold. Frequent shampooing will not only cool the head, but also affect the hair quality, so it should be washed every two days.

The person whose hair is easy to oil, because the head oil is easy to absorb dust, clogs the pores, and does not wash the head but is more harmful to the hair, so it is necessary to increase the number of times of washing.

In addition, people who work outdoors for a long time, because of work environment problems, hair tends to accumulate dirt, and the damage to the scalp is greater, so it should be washed every day.

What time is the best time to wash your hair?

In the morning, the pores of the hair are in an open state, and the skin on the head is also very sensitive. At this time, shampooing will affect the blood circulation of the head and make the head feel uncomfortable. It is not good to wash your hair at night, because it is heavy in the evening and it is easy to get into the body with moisture, causing migraine.

The best time to wash your hair is between noon and 6 o'clock in the evening. At this time, the body is the most spiritual, and the sun is enough, it will not cause head discomfort, and moisture will not enter the body. At the same time, after the hair is washed, the hair care time is also sufficient, which is not easy to cause various hair problems.

Now 90 is the main force of hair loss, the wrong way of shampoo is the chief culprit in hurting hair. Let's take a look at some of the misunderstandings. You must be recruited.

Shampoo misunderstanding

1, do not comb directly wash

If it is rinsed directly, dust and dirt on the scalp will adhere to it and cannot be thoroughly cleaned.

The correct way: before washing your hair, use a wide-toothed, round-headed comb to comb the hair, then rinse it with water, not only can reduce the amount of shampoo, but also reduce the stimulation of the scalp.

2, the hair is not wet, wipe the hair

Some people are anxious, and the hair is wiped with water just as soon as it is wet. This will cause the cleaning to be incomplete or knotted, leaving dirt, dandruff and the like in the hair.

The correct way: Before applying shampoo, it should be rinsed for about 1 minute to make the hair fully moist. If the hair is long, it will be a little longer.

3, shampoo directly on the head

The shampoo is not in full contact with water. It does not directly contact the scalp without saponification, which not only stimulates the scalp, but also causes abnormal hair loss in the long run.

The correct way: shampoo is poured into the palm of your hand. Add water to the foam and apply it to your hair. Not only is the foam rich, but the hair will also be washed more cleanly.

4, the conditioner is applied to the scalp

Hair conditioner is a product specially designed for hair. If it is applied to the scalp, the chemicals in it easily block the hair follicle and cause problems such as hair loss.

The correct way: apply the conditioner at least 1-2 cm away from the scalp, and apply it to the tip of the hair near the ear.

5, hair conditioner stays too long

Hair conditioner is applied for too long, not only does it not have the effect of hair care, but also makes it easy to leave it in the hair. It is not easy to clean, causing discomfort in the scalp and serious hair loss.

Correct practice: After applying the conditioner, wring the towel soaked in hot water, let it cool for a few seconds, then wrap the hair and rinse it off after 5 minutes.

6. Rinse with hot water

Many people like to take a hot bath. The hotter the water, the more clean the water is. However, if the water temperature is too high, it will damage the hair and increase the head oil and dandruff.

The correct way: the water temperature of the hair wash should be around 40 °C.

7, the flush is not clean

This is a mistake many people make. I feel that it is enough to flush the bubble. But residual conditioners and shampoos can easily clog hair pores, trigger inflammation, and even hair loss.

The correct way: the shampoo must pay attention to the final rinsing work. After rinsing the foam, it should be rinsed for a while to ensure the proper removal of conditioner and shampoo.

8, wet hair

The outer layer of the hair is covered with scales. They are like the armor of the hair. If the scales are neatly arranged, the hair will look bright and beautiful. If the scales are damaged, the hair will lose its luster. When the hair is wet, the scales are open, and when they are rubbed with a towel, they are damaged.

The correct way: It is best to wrap your hair in a towel and squeeze it gently to absorb moisture.

9, wrong use of hair dryer

Some people like to blow dry with a hair dryer immediately after washing their heads. Some people like to blow dry when they reach the maximum number of times. I don't know if this is particularly harmful to hair damage.

The correct way: After washing, it is not advisable to blow immediately, squeeze the hair gently, and wait until it does not drip. It is not advisable that the temperature is too high and should not be blown for too long. Try to take a bit farther and don't blow on the scalp. If you are afraid that you can't blow the hair roots, you can use your fingers to open a part of your hair and blow it from the inside out.

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