Want to make your hair thicker? Stick to 5 good habits and make your hair more abundant

Now everyone's pressure is generally beginning to increase, and hair loss has become more and more young. Many people are complaining that when they wash their hair, they will always see a lot of fallen hair, especially women with long hair, which is more distressing. Everyone has gradually paid attention to the care of hair, but in fact, in the life to develop such a good habit, thick hair is gradually coming back, then we will look at what is the secret.

First, do not wash your hair every day

Nowadays, many young people must wash their hair when they wash their faces in the morning. This seemingly clean behavior is actually very harmful to the hair. Because the hair does not produce a lot of oil or dust during the day. On the contrary, cleaning your hair every day will make the loss of nutrients in your hair faster. So if you have such a habit, you should pay attention to reducing the number of shampooing.

Second, the use of simple ingredients shampoo

The choice of shampoo is also very particular. Many shampoos contain a lot of potent cleansers, often used in this type to make hair very frizzy and lose the luster of the hair itself. Therefore, the choice of shampoo should be simple. For example, some ginger shampoos. Because some ingredients in ginger can speed up the circulation of blood in the scalp, the hair follicles are also more active. Insist on using it not only reduces hair loss but also acts as a dandruff.

Third, choose to dry or naturally dry

I believe many people will get used to picking up the hair dryer and drying it quickly after washing the hair. But this will not only blow the moisture of the dry cleaning head, but also blow away the moisture of the hair itself. Long-term use will make the hair more hairy, and also increase the trouble of short hair. On the other hand, the radiation of the hair dryer is also relatively large, especially for pregnant women, try not to use. It can be replaced with a dry hair cap to ensure that the hair is dry quickly without causing damage.

Fourth, reduce the number of hair dyes

Nowadays, many young people like to dye some very trendy colors, and they will dye them once in a while. This is very harmful to the hair. Therefore, try to reduce the hair dye, even if you want to dye the natural ingredients of the hair dye, the damage will be reduced. At the same time, you should pay attention to the care of the hair after dyeing. I often make hair masks for myself, and inject the nutrition in the hair mask into the hair, which will more effectively repair the damage caused by our perm.

Fifth, the correct combing hair

In fact, combing hair is also very particular, especially for some hair that is more seriously damaged. We have to choose some wide-toothed combs, which can play a certain massage. Remember not to comb your hair when your hair is not dry, it will easily break. These few tips are very simple to do, let's practice together.

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