Twelve hair care tips

Many beautiful women often study too busy and do not care for their hair at all times, resulting in dry and rough hair. As far as I know, hair care involves combing hair, massage, hair, and various problems. The hair is easy to break and split the hair. Do you have any knowledge of this? Want to change your hair with a limited time? Use these tips and tips to care for your hair while you sleep.

1, the correct method of combing the correct method of combing, is to start from the beginning of the broken hair, brushing the scalp with the brush tip, gradually spinning and combing. Use even force, such as excessive force, will stab the scalp. First combing from the hairline of the forehead, in the opposite direction, and then combing back and forth along the hairline. Then, the upper part of the left and right ears are respectively arranged in opposite directions, and finally the hair is spread out to the four years of the head to be arranged.

2, massage effect massage can affect the skin, promote blood circulation, regulate fat excretion, avoid head fatigue, help hair development, adhere to the health of the scalp; on the prevention of excessive scalp and treatment of excessive scalp is also excellent Methods.

3, shampoo should be massaged by shampooing, first soak the hair with water, then use shampoo. Apply the shampoo to your hair for the first time and massage with your fingertips. Especially the epidermis of the head, which is easily stained by sebum and sweat, should be carefully washed. The second time, the half time of the first shampoo is washed, and after washing, the rinse is repeated with water until no shampoo is stopped on the hair.

4, rinsing can make washed hair more soft rinsing agent has two kinds: one can be directly rubbed on the hair, one is to be diluted with hot water before use. When using rinsing agents and shampoos, try to use the products produced by the same manufacturer, so that the scent type is common, which is good for maintaining hair.

5, medicinal hairdressing agent will make hair long-lasting healthy gloss medicinal hairdressing agent effect, is to make up the hair protein. Usually shampooing is generally applied in the order of shampoo, rinse, and medicinal hair lotion. When the hair is damaged, the medicinal hair lotion should be used before applying the rinse agent. To use: Apply a medicinal hair lotion to the head epidermis and the damaged hair tip. Massage the scalp carefully and then roll it up with a hot towel. This will be better and will be washed clean with water.

6, soft and delicate hair maintenance soft hair is not fine fiber, and inelastic, not easy to loose, hair is not simple and durable. In addition, if not often retouched, the hair will become dry, red, and vulnerable. In order to prevent the above phenomenon, it is necessary to frequently use hair oil to prevent external influences from damaging the hair. Usually, you can rub some lotion to prevent the hair from being dull, then if there is a static collision when you don't comb, you should control the temperature of the hair dryer when blowing.

For people with soft hair, when you finish your haircut, apply some perm lotion to your hair, which will give you elasticity and strength, which will make your hair style durable, and you can also add hair looseness. When perming, do not roll too tightly at the roots, and the front hair style should be loose.

7, thick, hard hair maintenance thick, hard hair is healthier than soft and slender hair, but lacks flexibility, it is difficult to retouch. Rough and hard hair should be sprayed with this medicinal lotion during blow molding. It is usually best to rub some oil to maintain a beautiful hairstyle.

8, prevention and treatment of scalp itching scalp itching is because not often bathing, do not pay attention to skin hygiene and other reasons, so first of all should pay attention to eradicate the scalp dirt, adhere to the skin clean, scalp itching can be gradually reduced or disappeared.

Fatty scalp: Excessive sebum discharge from the scalp. In order to make the hair clean and regular, it should be cleaned daily and maintained by means of combing and massage.

Dry scalp: Because the sebum excretion is reduced, the scalp is dry and the scalp is itchy. Therefore, insisting that the hair is clean is to prevent the scalp itching and to make up for the oil to prevent boring.

9, easy to break easily fork hair maintenance to maintain good hair, first of all to prevent external influences, should be coated with a thin film of oil on the outside of the hair, this can play a role in maintaining hair. Apply oil to the hair and it is necessary to wash it after shampooing. Do not rub your hair together during shampooing to prevent damage. It does not have to be trimmed often, and it can also prevent hair forks. When combing with a brush, do not immediately start from the root of the hair. You should first comb the scattered parts of the hair, then start from the roots, and use some medicinal lotion to maintain the hair when combing or blowing.

10, curly hair trimming and bending hair is simply intertwined, when combing, you should first comb from the tip of the hair to the root of the hair, when refining the hair, you should also apply the perm from the tip of the hair and then blow it. Retouching, you can make your curly hair full of vitality and vitality.

11, there are many ways to prevent hair loss, one of which must always adhere to the cleansing of the scalp and hair. The second is to apply some hair-producing perfume on the head skin to promote blood circulation, so as to prevent the hair from falling. The third is to do head massage, and often pay attention to finishing the hair, these are useful ways to prevent hair from falling.

12, hair dyeing needs to be tested first, there are two kinds of hair dyeing, one is to dye the black hair into their favorite color for beauty, one is to dye the blue silk that is prematurely painted in black to be beautiful, but do not recognize which One kind, you must be optimistic about the instructions before dyeing, and do as required. Do not use alcohol-containing solutions or preparations immediately after dyeing. Perm should also be applied three months after dyeing.

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