Those hairstyles are suitable for girls with less hair.

The hair style of a girl is suitable for a short haircut from a Korean style to a micro-volume wavy hair. It seems that many Korean hair styles are suitable for people with less hair, and the sense of beauty is created by the care of the air.

Less hair suitable for Korean short hair

This is a very small and fresh Korean short hair, light linen dyed hair + short straight hair + air bangs, want to not let the shape unchanged fresh and sweet is difficult, there is a feeling of more and more like it.

Less hair for short hair

For the girl with less hair, it will be more suitable for short hair. It is recommended that this short hair is very good! Although the hair is not much, but the hair can be bent in the hair, it can look a little more, with air bangs Very sweet.

Less hair for medium and long hair

Girls with less hair can also try long hair. Although the hair is a little less, it will not affect the beauty at all. It can be sweet and lovable with the air bangs.

Less hair suitable for shoulder curls

If you have less hair, you should curl your hair now to increase the fullness of your hair. It is very good to have shoulder curls like this. It is not only fashionable but also a lot of hair to the hair. The focus is on temperament.

Less hair suitable for long hair in micro-volume

This micro-volume long hair is really suitable for girls with less hair. The hair with a little micro-volume effect is quite fashionable and beautiful, and the partial design can also create a sense of asymmetry.

Less hair suitable for fluffy short hair

This fluffy short hair is best for girls with a small amount of hair. The fluffy feel is designed with a hairpin and a button closure. The head shape becomes full in minutes, and short hair is the fashion king of this year.

Less hair is suitable for shoulders

This year's very popular shoulder-length hair is also quite suitable for hair girl students, the length of the shoulders looks full of hair, the tail is slightly hot, the inner buckle is quite fashionable, plus the middle points can also improve the temperament and face-lifting.

Eversion roll short hair

The short hair of the tail-tailing design is quite suitable for the girl with a small amount of hair. It is easy to burn out an outer-end in the position of the tail. Not only is the cute and cute, but also the age of the foreigner, and the hair color is very fashionable.

Short hair for ears

Shorter short hair is a very good hair style, it is also very suitable for girls with less hair, the overall looks very refreshing and very small and fresh.

Micro-short hair

If you have a small amount of hair, you should choose this short hair with a little curly hair effect. This will make you look a little more hairy, with a fluffy hair and a little messy feeling.

Fluffy short curly hair

The short curly hair created by the fluffy feeling is perfect for you with a small amount of hair. The whole head shape is full and textured, and you can't see a small amount at all. It is full of fashion and foreign style.

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