The world's most famous wines are available

The vineyard can be divided into two parts. On the highlands of the Martyak winery, the land dominated by the hills is covered with gravel. These pebbles were deposited in the Quaternary of the Garonne River and are mainly composed of quartz, Lydia, Jasper and meteorites. These drainages are convenient and the barren soil forms the ideal terrain for the growth of vines, especially for the red grape varieties Cabernet Sauvignon and Little Vildo.

The soil near the Garonne River is clay-limestone, and the surface is covered with gravel. For the Merlot and white grape varieties Sauvignon Blanc and Sai Furong, it is an ideal place to grow.

The oldest vineyard area in Latour Martinique Winery dates back to 1884. The vineyard is called Grattecap and is derived from the Latin word “gratumcaput”, meaning “a vineyard that produces delicious wines”. Located on the southeast corner of the winery, it covers an area of 65 acres and is the traditional park of Latumati Jacques. It is mainly planted with hibiscus, also planted with Sauvignon Blanc and visca. The park uses hand-made traditional planting methods and even drives horses.

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