The benefits and disadvantages of drinking tea

Drinking tea can play a role in delaying aging, refreshing, eyesight, clearing away heat and detoxifying, but it also has certain disadvantages, affecting sleep, inducing anemia, and aggravating the burden on heart and kidney.

The benefits of drinking tea

01 delay aging
The vitamin C and vitamin E contained in tea are very high, and tea polyphenols in tea can delay the aging effect.

02 refreshing
The caffeine contained in the tea has excitement for the central nervous system of the human body, and achieves the benefits of eliminating fatigue and refreshing.

03 Mingmu
The beta carotene contained in the tea, the beard lover automatically converts into vitamin A, which can achieve eyesight effect and can also prevent night blindness.

04 Qingrejiedu
The tea polyphenols contained in the tea will be quickly combined with ethanol and morphine in the body, and some of the toxins in the body can be quickly excreted by rapid urination.

The bad thing about drinking tea

01 affects sleep
Tea contains caffeine. If you drink tea before going to bed, it will cause the central nervous system to excite and cause sleep problems.

02 induced anemia
The tannic acid in the tea has a series of reactions in the body of iron, and some of the substances produced are difficult to be dissolved by the human body. Over time, it will cause anemia, especially when women drink too much tea, which will aggravate various problems during menstruation.

03 increase the burden of heart and kidney
If the tea is too thick, the caffeine and other substances in the tea will be aggravated, which will lead to an increase in heart rate in patients with high blood pressure, heart disease and kidney disease, thereby increasing the burden on the heart and kidney.

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