Recommend a stylish mid-length curly hairstyle

In fact, the spring and autumn seasons are suitable for all hair styles. They can be shawl and look good, and they are energetic, straight and pure, curly, with short hair and refreshing, long hair and elegant. So, what do you want to do in these two seasons can be done without restraint. The thick collars and scarves of heavy cotton coats in winter make your hair style not show its true styling charm. On a hot summer day, no one will put thick hair on his shoulders, only to be tied up to be much cooler. Therefore, every hairstyle you choose this season should be beautiful and beautiful.

The first one: elegant and fashionable long curly hair

This is a very natural medium-long micro-curly hairstyle. The air bangs decorate the forehead and lengthen the face. The hair treatment is gentle, and the natural shape is hot. Drying the hair can get this natural micro-curly effect. . This hair style is suitable for face shapes such as round, square and melon face. As long as the shape of the bangs and face is controlled, the face will look very good, and the effect will naturally come out. It is also one of the most suitable hairstyles for spring and autumn.

The second paragraph: feminine long curly hair

Women's hair must be feminine, but also have a sense of fashion, no exaggeration is not low-key. The bangs of this hairstyle in the picture above are now the popular slanting bangs, which is slightly thicker than the air bangs. The shape is not facing forward, but it is naturally inclined to one side, giving a sweet and lovely feeling. This length of hair must control the amount of hair, too much will accumulate, accumulation will be old-fashioned, so it must be light and thin to look good. Hairpin is a natural micro-curly, making a brown hair color, low-key luxury has connotation, not fashionable, with some foreign clothing, more feminine.

The third paragraph: fresh and beautiful mid-length micro-curls

Some girls worry that the curls will be old-fashioned. In fact, the perm does not have to be hot, so the volume is called perm. Now the popular perm method is the effect of this kind of roll-like non-volume. After shampooing, it naturally blows a little bit of a feeling of curling. It requires obvious curls. It only needs to be shaped with an electric wand. This is also a popular practice now. If your hair is elastic and hard, if you don't burn it, the shape of the electric roll will not be straight for two hours, so if you apply it gently, you will have a long-lasting effect. Therefore, this kind of micro-curly, with the bangs suitable for your face, will definitely make you fresh and beautiful, yet stylish.

The fourth paragraph: Han Fan children's long curly hair

Han Faner style hair styles are mostly such large natural bangs, with curly hair curls, not only feminine, but also elegant and natural temperament. Similarly, the hair style must not be too heavy, many girls do not like to cut the level, but must adjust the hair volume to a very natural state, in order to burn out the natural micro-volume shape.

The fifth paragraph: soft bangs long curly hair type

This hairstyle is characterized by bangs and soft roll hairstyle. Speaking of bangs, many girls think that this bangs is a bit earthy. In fact, bangs, which you understand, is a traditional thick and tidy bangs. The bangs of this hairstyle is a gentle bangs, which is slightly thicker than the air bangs. It is cut into a neat outline, showing a forehead in a vague way. It looks very layered and will not look rustic. The natural soft curl type, also known as the big curved hairstyle, is a bit higher when the perm is hot, and the hair volume is controlled to be lighter, which will achieve such a natural soft curl type.

Sixth: lazy and uncomfortable sleepless wavy hair

Sleeping hairstyles have been popular for many years, and still very popular with temperament beauty. This is also a relatively classic and widely circulated hairstyle in the middle and long hair in recent years. Many stars have done this style of sleepless hairstyle. Only need to design a suitable bangs according to the shape of the face, the volume of the low-level structure, remove the hair to make a natural shape. The hair volume is small, the middle and low level structure is selected, and the hair is hot and a half C roll is the hair style effect. Hair color can choose the right hair color according to your skin color and fashion trends, which will make your hair style beautiful and beautiful.

Seventh: soft air inspired micro curls

Air-inspired perm is a semi-dry and semi-wet micro-curly hairstyle that is popular among Japanese hair styles. This hair style is exquisite, that is, the natural micro-volume hairstyle, which supports the loose and breathable curl effect, and is fashionable and fashionable. It is one of the girls' favorite curly hairstyles. The focus of this hairstyle is on volume control and curl control, so be sure to find a skilled hair stylist to build for you.

The eighth paragraph: the girl's wind pear head buckle hair curls

Pear head is a classic old hairstyle, but it is still a favorite of many sexy women. This hairstyle gives a sweet and lovely feeling, full of girlish style, can be matched with a variety of bangs style, can also make this kind of feminine partial shape.

Ninth: Air bangs + water ripples long hair style

Air bangs is the most aging and full of fashion bangs, and the water ripple is a classic retro style. The combination of modern and classical makes this hairstyle fresh and elegant, elegant and fashionable. It is very suitable for spring and autumn. Beautiful hairstyle.

Section 10: gentle and natural clavicle hair

The clavicle hair can be said to be the hottest hair style now, sexy and stylish, and gentle, with different hair color and micro-roll curls, very beautiful short and medium hair style. Nowadays, the popular hair style is mostly this kind of gentle effect. It is necessary to boldly adjust the hair volume to avoid accumulation and become old-fashioned.
The above ten elegant and fashionable medium and long curly hair styles give you the same elegant and beautiful, just choose one that will make you a beautiful goddess festival.

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