Popular colors in the fall of 2019

The color of the fall of 2019, to see which color is more suitable for you! You are going to enter the fall, but also pay attention to the popular colors of autumn and winter!

Wax powder

Compared with the popular cognition, the uncontrollable bright pink pink adds a lot of grayscale beeswax powder, which adds a lot of high-level feeling. Honey wax powder in this year's major brand show, the frequency of beeswax has not been low and this beeswax has been applied to more single items, creating more possibilities, so that we can find The sweetness of the girl, and a mature woman's restrained and steady high quality match, the beeswax pink let us play more tricks, the dark suit jacket is not easy to make mistakes, but it is dull and boring, the color suit The gas field is powerful but difficult to control. The beeswax pink is simply the color that is created for suits. Can not only complete our pursuit of tailoring and style, but also not lose the pursuit of that unique taste

Red stove

The soft and warm waxy pink is different. The red color of the stove has the feeling of autumn and winter. Compared with the red color, it has more orange color. It creates more warmth and warmth in the visual. I hope you will not miss this wipe in the fall. The stove is red. The red, burning like a hot stove, gives people a different sense of warmth and attack, a large area of ​​use, full of gas. How to wear in the fall

Forest group

If you are still obsessed with the summer "avocado", I recommend you try this "forest color". The same is the green color, this color is more restrained, but also more textured. The face of the autumn and winter breath, let you change the forest girl in a second. The dark green color will make people calm down, and the forest color is more stable than the joy of “avocado”.

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