How to match the windbreaker

"Walking with the wind" is the most appropriate word to describe the ultra-long windbreaker. Its hem is generally to the ankle, and it is just a lighter and thinner model in early autumn.

Even Gaomei is generally used with high-heeled shoes and ultra-long windbreakers. The main reason is not to increase, but to crack its "dullness". After all, this is to wrap the whole body tightly.

The boots that can be wrapped around the ankles are the perfect companion for the super long trench coat. It is best to have a pointed stiletto, and the overall line will look more "smooth".

If you are afraid that the ultra-long windbreaker will make you look too big, you must tie your waist and shorten it a few times~

- The more "positive" the item is, the more "casual" it will be.

How much is the length of the windbreaker?

The windshield, which has a very contoured silhouette, is particularly easy to "stand up", and the more such a piece, the less you want to wear it, the less you can "hold" it. Look at Lisa, pair it with easy jeans and sneakers and win it casually.

The long windbreaker is to use a casual item to reduce its sense of mass, and the ankle is more "breathable".

The special material windbreaker is enough to "focus", so other matching items must not be fancy again, simple jeans are very good.

The dress and the windbreaker are about the same length. The short skirt will look a bit "dust", and the long skirt will press.

It is well known that wide-leg pants are synonymous with the gas field, and then the wide-leg pants after the windbreaker is the gas field X2.

Just a pair of high-heeled shoes will allow you to wear windbreakers and wide-leg pants to be "impressive" every step of the way.

If you don't want to look so "hard", you will weaken some flat shoes, but it will still be a powerful "devil".

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