How to make hair more when you have less hair?

As scary as hair loss is that there are fewer hairs, and many people have less hair because the hair is not fluffy:

☆ (1) The hair itself is soft and delicate.

☆ (2) The hair is oily, the scalp is oily, and the hair sticks together.

☆ (3) The hair is not cleaned in time, and the scalp produces dirt.

☆ (4) There is no good adjustment of the hair level during the hair trimming process, and no internal space adjustment is made.

It is possible that these conditions may cause the hair to look very small, which can be improved by using the following:

Adjusting the hairstyle can make the hair fluffy

If you always feel that your hair is not fluffy, you can change a hair style, cut a short hair or short hair, adjust the hair level according to the hair quality during the hair cutting process, use the internal space to adjust the fluffy feeling, so that you can solve the hair Not a fluffy problem. Adjusting the level means adjusting the thick horizontal level hair to an increasing level, removing the weight, and the hair will naturally be fluffy. The internal space adjustment refers to the technique of thinning through the roots and the middle of the hair roots, and the short hair supports the long hair to achieve the fluffy effect.

Changing the color of the hair can make the hair fluffy

Black hair color always gives people a feeling of depression, no stereoscopic effect, the same hair style for a light color, definitely have a three-dimensional feeling than black, just like we go to buy clothes, the sales staff will give us different colors Let us try it, the reason is the same. If your hair is not fluffy, consider changing your hair color, and you will definitely get a lot of gains.

Choose the right hair tips and styling products to make your hair fluffy

A person who can make a haircut type, his hair style is very good at all times, because he masters the hair blowing skills and chooses the right styling products, so if you want your hair to be fluffy, you can choose not to have a perm. To learn how to use hair and how to manage hair, we must choose to blow the hair against the hair roots. Only the hair roots are fluffy, so that we have a three-dimensional sense to take care of the hair style you want, just like the Tony teacher in the barbershop. You can blow a haircut in just a few. So choosing the right hair dryer and styling products is very important. It is recommended to have fluffy powder and make hair fluffy.

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