How to care for your hair? Is there any trick?

Hair, like clothing, has a huge impact on one's image. Especially the hairstyle, called the second face, the hair is dry and damaged, it will make your image greatly reduced. Hair style is not scrapped, it can be seen how important the hair style is to a person. It can be seen that hair is also very important for hair style and face value.

After the hair is damaged, it is impossible to recover. It can only moisturize and protect the hair with the help of external care and care products, so that the hair can maintain an artificial health condition. Once this protection is protected, it will be moisturized at the lowest level. Nothing, your hair is basically scrapped.

Many people always say that caring for hair has no effect. This is because you only say once or twice that it has no effect, or occasionally do a hair mask treatment, it is definitely not effective. The first choice is that you must be aware that hair care products are long-lasting and can only be effective if you insist on doing it.

When the hair is damaged, it will leave a lot of holes, and the nutrient loss will be very fast. The applied ingredients in the hair mask enter these hollows to moisturize the hair. However, when shampooing, nutrition will be lost. If you don't replenish nutrients in time, your hair will return to the dry state before the treatment, which is what you said is not effective.

Here are a few tips on how to care for your hair. I hope to help you:

1. Use a single-washing and shampoo-free product without silicone oil;

2, hair dry and bun, not easy to comb or tangled knotting, before shampoo, you can use hair conditioner to moisturize your hair, use shampoo, and finally use conditioner once. As long as you insist on doing this, your hair will be smooth and shiny after one month. However, the improvement of hair still requires professional hair mask care, and these hair conditioners can only play a smoothing effect.

3, at least once a week to do hair mask care, it is recommended to use heating to make hair mask, so the effect of hair absorption will double. Prepare a shower cap and an electric cap at home. After applying the mask, fix it on the top of the head with a clip, put on the shower cap and heat it with an electric cap for 20 minutes. After cooling, rinse it off with warm water.

4, often hot dyed hair, each time you make a hair mask, it is best to add a little pure plant olive oil, the effect will be better;

5, severely damaged hair, when making hair mask, add 1/4 white vinegar, can make hair fast and soft, and the penetration will be stronger, moisturizing effect is also quite good.

The above methods of hair care are taught to everyone, and they are all effective ways to do it at home. Doing care can not solve the problem once and twice, and must insist on doing it. Once it is terminated, it will be abandoned.

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