How long is the length of the windbreaker

What to wear in autumn? Windbreaker is definitely one of the most classic items at this time of the year. What kind of windbreaker is the best? Choosing the right length is the key! The length of the ladies windbreaker is different between the styles, usually between 55cm and 90cm. It is of course a long windbreaker! The length is about 80-89cm, or even more than 90cm, just cover the calf and look best!

It is generally not recommended to wear a windbreaker that is just about the length of the knee or under the knee, so the super pole is short! Visually cut off your legs, super short, with a skirt, it is super easy to become bloated, accidentally into a bucket, and there is no relationship with fashion.

For short-legged girls, the long-length windbreaker with a length in the middle of the thigh is not a "good fit". This length seems to cover the flesh, which is actually the most exposed leg-shaped defect, the leg shape is not good and the leg is short. The sister is best to stay away.

Which position is best for the length of the windbreaker?

Short trench coat: 55-70cm

The length of the short trench coat is generally between 55 and 70 cm, and the longest looks just over the hip.

Many small people may have a misunderstanding: the tops can't choose the long paragraph, they will "squeeze" the height, so when you choose the windbreaker, you will also buy a short paragraph, which is more suitable for yourself than the long one, but in fact... .. The height of the short windbreaker is only suitable for the thin people! Because the shape of the windbreaker is not small, if you want to have a waistline, you must "receive the waist". Only the waist that can "receive" will look like your leg is long. Like the apple-shaped little man without waist, this jacket will only Obviously fat.

That may not be thinner than the waist? It is possible to choose the length to be stuck at the waist. This kind of windbreaker is generally box type. If your legs look good, the lower body should wear a slim fit. If you don't want to expose the leg shape, then... give up.

Or, pick up the squat on the side anytime and anywhere, "tell" others, our waist is high!

Mid-length windbreaker: 70-80cm

The length of the mid-length windbreaker is generally between 70 and 80 cm, and the lower part of the body is placed between the thigh and the knee.

For ordinary people, we must pay attention: the length of the windbreaker can not just be stuck on the knee! Otherwise, the length of the leg will be divided into five or five, and the length of your calf will be exhaustive.

The higher the height, the higher the height. But this must be over the premise of covering the buttocks, otherwise the thighs and buttocks with more concentrated pears and flesh will not be able to stop~

Or a little under the knee, even if a little bit of effect will be good, and this year's popular patent leather or something, everyone will pay more attention to this dress, will not put too much attention on your body.

Long trench coat: 80-90cm

Come, it's coming, many long-awaited long trench coats are finally coming. It is generally 80~90cm in length and will be near the calf after the upper body.

Speaking of it, you may not believe that the long trench coat is a versatile player who is tall and thin. Its optimal length is just over the calf, which will cover all your possible fat parts, such as slightly developed calf muscles, false legs that make the legs "short", or delayed Can't lose the little belly...

The thin-skinned pear-shaped figure is more "compact" with the strap, but it is more open and worn.

For the small man, the only point to choose the long windbreaker is to choose the H type, do not choose the A type, or the center will be pulled down, the effect is not so obvious.

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