Hair care "four elements", you have learned that you can also have a long black straight hair

There is a kind of soft and beautiful hair that many girls dream of, but now young girls like to dye perm, always want to change the shape every few months, which also causes many people's hair to be compared Dry. Bifurcation, hair loss, a hairy hair will make the whole person's temperament and face value decline, if you have a black and long soft hair, of course, will make others think that you are a more serious person.

Can do this, in the ordinary hair care process, we must pay attention to a lot of small details, today here we and everyone talk about the four elements of hair care, are some small details in life, as long as Notice that you can also have a long, straight hair.

Element 1: Change shampoo frequently

Shampoo is an indispensable product in our daily life. Some girls with long hair use a bottle of shampoo for almost a month or two, but some girls think that they have used a good shampoo. I don't want to change it anymore. I am afraid that I have changed the shampoo of different brands. The effect is not so good, but in fact, our personally feels that it is better to change a shampoo every six months or so.

Because the nutritional content of each shampoo includes different protections for hair quality, for example, some shampoos are mainly anti-dandruff, then it will help the hair to be more compliant, and the function will be worse. Some shampoos are mainly supple, but its anti-dandruff function is not enough. After all, not a shampoo can satisfy all the requirements of your hair, so you can change the shampoo regularly and let the hair receive it. More nutrition.

Element 2: Conditioner stays on the hair for about 3 minutes

Many girls use conditioners when they wash their hair, but there are some people who always wash their heads in a hurry and feel finished. Basically, they are left on their hair after washing their hair with shampoo. When a lot of water is used, it is directly applied to the conditioner. After a little watering, it is washed away with water. In fact, this kind of washing does not allow the conditioner to fully play its role.

Hair conditioner can make our hair more supple and replenish hair, so before we apply conditioner, it is best to drain the water as much as possible, and then apply proper amount of care on the hair. Hair, when the hair conditioner stays on the hair for about 3 minutes, rinse it with water, so that the hair can absorb more nutrients from the conditioner to reduce the hairiness and dryness.

Element 3: Do not use a towel after washing.

Many people use a dry towel to wipe their heads after washing their heads, and more people will use dry towels to rub their hair, because the hair will dry faster, especially if some girls with long hair feel that if they don’t If you have hair, you may not be able to do it for a few minutes, but in fact, the damage to the hair is relatively large.

Because our hair is one by one, if you use a dry towel to rub it, it will easily cause the hair to break. In fact, if we carefully beat the hair with a dry towel, it will be faster. And it will not cause damage to the hair, and then blow it up to seven or eight minutes with a hair dryer, and it will not be very time consuming.

Element 4: Hair dryer blows hair to seven or eight minutes

The hair dryer has now entered the life of ordinary people. Now many girls have their own hair dryers. Some young office workers are more used to washing their hair at night, because the morning is always late and always rushed. busy. In fact, from a medical point of view, shampooing at night will have certain damage to the body, but the specific situation should be analyzed.

If you wash your hair at night, you can try to dry your hair thoroughly before going to sleep. This will not cause much damage, but it is better to blow it to seven or eight minutes after drying, and then dry it naturally. Otherwise, if the hair is blown dry, the hair will be more and more dry. When the hair is blown, it is better to modulate the normal temperature of the wind or the cold wind, which can also reduce the damage of the hair to a certain extent.

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