Girls with long straight hair and a pear-shaped hair, sweet and charming

Recently, many of my friends have been paying attention to the trend of hair style of Pear Blossom Head. In fact, the long straight hair inside the pear head is favored by many beautiful girls because of its very sweet shape.

With a warm smile, you can show the sunshine of the girl. Temperament, so many of my friends really want to see the end, what changes can these hairstyles bring to everyone, let's take a look at how the straight hair pears are taken care of!

Maroon hair color is now more and more popular, this long hair in the bangs is treated with a small curly look at the end of the hair, and it is treated with a long shawl hairstyle and a pink sleeveless length. The skirt looks very quiet and charming like a fairy.

The fascinating smile and the fresh and elegant temperament, in the eyes of the eyebrows, everyone sees the shape of the brown straight hair pear head and the involute tail design, showing the temperament of intellectual and restrained atmosphere. Very sweet and beautiful fashion.

The beautiful smile is very beautiful, the pure smile is matched with the straight hair style of the clean shawl. The girl who wears this pear head is especially like an elf, and then put on a nice hat to let others see that you are not leaving. Open your eyes.

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