Do you know the main points of these hair care?

Shampoo - choose as needed

The choice of shampoo is the first step in the care, what is the effect of shampoo determines what your hair will become.

Everyone must remember that the scalp is also part of the skin! Moisturizing is also the foundation!

Why do some people have a lot of dandruff and the whole piece is lost? Because the scalp is dry, it will fall off with a slight twist, so you can choose a shampoo with a lot of moisturizing dandruff!

Conditioner - all are soft hair protection

Many people like to apply conditioner directly to the scalp, which is not right.

Pour the conditioner into the palm of your hand and apply it to your hair. The hair on the scalp can be wiped with the balance on your hand.

The most basic function of conditioner is to help restore the toughness and elasticity of the hair, and lock the moisture of the hair, making your hair more supple and not easily lost.

Hair mask - hot dyed damaged, dry hair essential

Hair masks are cumbersome to use. This is true, but if you are doing styling often, or if your hair is very dry or often burnt, it is very much needed.

The effect of the hair mask is to repair the damaged scales in a short period of time, so that the hair can reproduce the luster and absorb the nutrition.

Therefore, once a hair mask is made, the hair can be kept soft and delicate for a while, and the anchors who make the modeling every day must be prepared.

Hair care essential oil - just apply at the end of the hair

Many people buy hair care oil because they want to use it all over the head, but in fact it will make the head more oily.

Dry hair is not afraid of greasy, but hair that originally likes oil is not suitable for hair care oil, so you only need to wipe it at the end of the hair.

After blowing a half dry, apply the hair care oil to the hair ends, and then continue to blow dry, the hair will be brighter, smoother and shiny.

Hair dryer - control the right temperature and distance

Everyone knows that the high hot air of the hair dryer hurts the hair, so many electrical brands have launched a hair dryer that does not hurt the hair. If you don't control it, it is better to buy a hair dryer.

JJ also changed my own negative ion hair dryer. After changing it, I really felt that the hair dryer was still effective.

The new hair dryer is not very hot, the hair is dry and it won't dry, I am very satisfied.

If you don't plan to change the hair dryer, I will teach you: When blowing, don't drive the hot air to the maximum, and the wind is a certain distance from the hair.

Comb - massage comb for every hair style

Combs can promote blood circulation, so that the cells on the scalp get enough nutrients, and the hair grows faster while the hair feels better.

Many massage combs on the market today, whether it is a large tooth comb or a small tooth comb can play this role.

Even if it is hair loss, it is recommended to comb more hair, hair can grow faster, keep up with the rhythm of hair loss; otherwise it will not fall long ~

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